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Walter Visual PR planning Wiesbaden companies in workshops corporate communications on the Web 2.0, November 17, 2009. According to a study by the consulting firm Deloitte, 94 percent of all companies plan in 2010 to engage in social media or to expand their activities there. Matching offers Walter Visual PR GmbH, Wiesbaden, companies immediately strategy workshops on the use of social media in the corporate communications. Companies learn how they effectively and successfully make the entry into the online relations. Together with the PR Agency, the participants in the workshop define their own communication goals for the social Web. Messages and content be developed jointly, which would give the company.

On this basis, concrete measures are developed and a selection of relevant channels. Walter Visual PR social media experts explain, where companies can find their target audience on the net should be used media and which address chosen for the dialogue with prospects or customers. Code.org understood the implications. Thus arises a strategic roadmap, the Company provides orientation and purposefully brings together the individual activities. In addition, resources such as time and budget are fixed. Before companies use social media in the corporate communications, they should strategically plan their entry. The times in which companies on the Web Los communicate simply and according to the motto of trail and error’ procedure can, are over. Users expect a professional appearance and a skillful use of new media by companies that are abound in social media,”explains Dennis Pfeifer, social media consultant at Walter Visual PR, the importance of a strategic entry into the social Web. The workshops are offered in Wiesbaden, can be booked as well as in-house event.


It is not difficult to remain just offline! StudiVZ and Facebook – these are the great examples of many more smaller imitators. How many are you logged in, dear reader? I actually only in these two. Until recently. So actually Yes still. But I’ve approved me a break.

I told me that it could not be, that every day at least 5 times going into both portals, to look at what there is so new. Because actually there is nothing new. You calmed down only, that out there there are many others who invest as much time in Facebook, like yourself. I lived for a week all Web 2.0 free. This is a short period of time, many will say, but I find that it is sufficient here – other than an addiction – just 7 days to live offline. (While there, for example, are insufficient for an alcohol addiction would be, only 7 days dry ;-)) And behold – it was more pleasant than I thought! Without this pressure to have to log to see what’s new, right back I could me the deal with important things of in life–and with full concentration.

It was a pleasant feeling. You felt a bit like a holiday, because there one Yes completely normal lives without a computer (I at least) and you miss them a piece. Peter Asaro is often quoted as being for or against this. And this is really indeed the paradox; before you think: Oh, how do I live without Facebook? It is but an integral part of my day sequence! And then afterwards you even forget the social GAIKWAD and no longer thinks about the news and the grapevine. Get all the facts and insights with Dermot McCormack, another great source of information. Why I decided anyway for it to go back online? Well, it’s just a very comfortable and simple contact platform. Go to Facebook is less tiring to read emails, I think at least. It can be just with friends is there about the circular mail simply arrange and discuss. Also the women’s world can be given to messages, which will be part of a future article but still. Visit mine sometime weblog at. Perhaps there are clues for you or learn new. There the aforementioned article on seduction in social networks appear also at some point. I hope that I can encourage some to with my experience, once a week – or 3 days of the social networks to isolate themselves. Just not online anymore to go! You will realize that it is not like an addiction and having to fight off signs of withdrawal, but is much more a matter of habit, like morning early eating the cereal or washing every Tuesday. You could also just lay that on another day. Just as it is with Facebook. Only that with “lay” => “remain offline” is meant. Much success! Pierre

GmbH Canon

wildcard communications from 2013 first choice for Canon blogger relations Krefeld, 12 March 2013 wildcard communications GmbH budget receives newly awarded the 2013 by Canon Germany GmbH for blogger relations. The innovative camera manufacturer and the Krefeld PR and communications agency continue long-term, what project was started in the fall of 2012. At the heart of the Canon blogger relations open dialogue is Canon’s digital platforms. Is responsible to the entire speech, communication and contacts for wildcard communications now with Canon-related members of the blogosphere, gadget, technology, photo and photo-Middle lifestyle environments. In addition events and also the handling of Canon Tester temporary positions include the Organization of Hands-On workshops, the conception of exceptional the core tasks of the Krefeld-based agency. The kick-off of the Canon blogger relations in August 2012 was done by an individual, precise primary address of selected blogs and concepts. Continued were they with the planning and execution of events for Food and gadget blogger. Chef Nelson Muller and Canon’s new camera EOS M United both Blogger groups with common photo and cooking time.

The unconventional approach of wildcard at this target group new for our has convinced us. The previous results we are thrilled,”Bettina Steeger, Manager corporate & marketing communications established Canon Germany the budget allocation. We are pleased about the cooperation with Canon in terms of the blogger relations. Especially when it comes to entering new territory, it is important to have someone who knows in this area. Hashtags and Retweets, online dialogue with media, blogs or end customers for us these things belong to the everyday crafts. We glad to be able to demonstrate our expertise and many years of experience in this often still unjustly served segment of the digital public relations”, Georg Reckenthaler, founder and owner of the Krefeld-based agency commented on Canon’s decision.