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Chimney Sweep – Tricks?

September 6, 2019


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Unfortunately, the Division of Germany into districts for district chimney sweep from the NAZI era has been preserved. 1 monopoly activities of “authorized district chimney sweep ‘ may 2 chimney sweep activities freely allocated 3 chimney sweep on the search the chimney sweep monopoly in 1935 is been modified last year after compulsory tasks to the detriment of the population. Unfortunately, the Division of Germany into districts for district chimney sweep from the NAZI era has been preserved. There will be a district holder (authorized district chimney sweep), which has the monopoly on certain activities. We, the section of Bavaria of the syndicate against the chimney sweep monopoly, assume that a large part of the chimney sweep activities with modern heating technology is useless.

1. monopoly activities of “authorized district chimney sweep”: fireplace look at every 3.5 years (previously 5 years) fireplace permit issue, as a basis for the actual chimney sweep operations, the other Not Acceptable!

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Unterland 18.02.09 “Sweep with dirty tricks”). 3. told to the danger that the chimney sweep “exercise more” about their lobby of politics and authorities at the expense of the citizens chimney sweep on the search there, following compulsory tasks, to the detriment of the population.

The Stuttgart news led to the 16.10.08 a squib Rainer Walker from on the first page: “Before chimney – the abolition of the monopoly of the sweeping device to the bureaucrat joke” “even the Stuttgart Ministry of Economic Affairs, which feels responsible for the chimney sweep, it don’t really know. Otherwise, it would have asked not the home – and landowners association according to a definition. He also shrugged the shoulders. Never mind, the officials thought.

Boris Olenin

December 12, 2016


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In 1956 came the first review radar "Daisy". The state is filled with new communicators specialists – AZ Mitchenko, NV Bodrov, T. Tokareva, D. Niyazov, G. Nevzorov, P. Bunkinym, K. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Vyrovschikovym, Y.

Lisitsyn, Igor Kuznetsov, head of communications Logashkinym A., radio operators W. Kovaleva, N. Potulovym, G. Valiev, Marykinym. Worked conscientiously aircraft Shamyagin P., P.

Maxine, I. Gushin, D. Vertyankin, Tokarev, G. Kharchev, I. Petin, Guryan Donskov (it was published in a separate article "Hope 16, dated April 20), M. Zakharov, Yu Vihljaev, A. Laptev, lighting designer Boris Donskov, who all gave their labor during the mother airline, and there were many. He headed the team of the airport at the time, Pavel Petrovich Pozhogin. When it was built many office and residential buildings to shield employees. In the mid-'50s came a lot of young drivers, including Drozdov, M. Kuzin, N. Smirnov, A. Potapov, C. Shadyarov, Korolev, V. Morkovin, V. Chetverkin, aircraft AA Boldyrev, J. Drykin, Klimenko, B. Ibra, N. Altunin, V. Smirnov, and others. Of these, the squadron was formed, headed by Boris Olenin. Numerous services company, from engineering to aviation infirmary, amateur gardening, and involved hundreds of people, conscientiously fulfilling a variety of duties and worked here 30-40 years. This N. Troyan, Z. Agafonov, L. Monin, P. Zhupikova, M. Peshkov L. Pashayeva, E. Gamenko and other drivers Reznikov, VP Myasnikov, K. Perepelkin, LA Istomin. Slightly less, up to 20 years have given native entity manager of transportation Sidorov, Kapustin, Zyubin, Il'yashenko Salii, M. Abdugaliev, V. Pashin, S.

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