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English Paintball

March 16, 2018


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Then give him a live mouse is not worth it. Ali Partovi wanted to know more. But you can find out in this situation: Give your mouse toy his four-footed friend and rejoice together, watching the games of his cat Vaska. For such a gift also go to the pet store. The choice: a rag or a clockwork mouse. Or maybe you fancy radio-controlled mouse, remote management? There are also! Also, the mouse on a spring, and even a vibrating mouse fur! And you can try to arrange a real adventure, similar to computer games. To do this you need to know what games like your hero. It can be quests, strategy, shooters (shooters), arcade games, sim games, or sports game themes.

Learning preferences, we begin to fantasize with the selection of the gift. If your friend is a programmer amateur shooters, feel free to give him a real game – paintball. What is paintball? Paintball (from the English Paintball – the ball of paint) – a holiday, adrenaline, sport and entertainment. In paintball there are no weapons and bullets, but there is a special device – the markers and gelatin balls filled with paint-friendly. Got ink – the enemy struck.

The game of paintball – a great adventure. In addition, playing paintball provides an excellent opportunity to lose the stress. A release of adrenaline after the game moments it makes you feel like a hero or a super secret fighters. And if one prefers the computer sports games? Then, ahead, in active tour! For example, white water rafting. Rafting – a fusion of the mountain rivers full of rapids on an inflatable boat without a skeleton (the raft). The perfect sport with minimal training. And as rafting primarily a team sport, you can assemble a team of colleagues or friends of programmers. And go for the new adventures! In such exciting games, trips can be taken and children. And remember, the correct answer, if your husband is a software astonishment asks – “Why do our children all the time quarreling?” Correct answer: “The conflict version”:) Fans of simulations – the real lesson of management. For example, a paraglider. Well, the fan of quests, that is, to wander, think, and guessing the puzzle in search of something, you can organize themselves so adventure. For this we need to remember a child’s game “Looking for buried treasure.” Come up with a logical chain, hide little notes and stuff in different places of the apartment or town, give the starting data – and a fascinating search for the hero provided. And in the final search can be anything: a romantic dinner in a restaurant, concert tickets, or just drive to a new computer supergame. Be creative! And thanks to the programmer to be huge.

Social Networks

November 13, 2014


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This site is just a blatant need for Russian-speaking people in all corners of the globe has finally obtain a virtual place where they can safely pour out his soul, his problems and burdens without fear of being ridiculed and misunderstood. I am sure that many people suffer from loneliness \”unexpressed pain,\” even in a dense surrounded by people. It is not always and everywhere possible to share, complain (sometimes complain-girls) Where are you sure that you do not make fun of and not criticize, or even worse, simply turn away from a \”loser\” … On this site ABSOLUTELY everyone will be listened to, understood, warm comfort with a kind word or maybe even practical advice and real help. The aim of our project is to create a company organized and known many people, where would strive every suffering person. After all, if they get help and to comfort one person, then that person will look happier in life and may help to climb to his feet burning someone else. This is a circular net in the best sense of the word.

On the Internet there are a lot of different entertainment sites, portals, social networks, a variety of forums, \”and obschalok treschalok,\” but I have not found that project, which is offered to all people of the place communicate about their problems and the purpose of which would be a comfort and support of any person. In the record does not come from a variety of psychotherapeutic official zamorochki, a variety of \”services\”, health portals. All these areas I found the overly formal and Narrow, systematic, and yet people want to be relaxed and be themselves. We do not offer entertainment events, so enough about them, but the mission our project is to help people to truly solve the problem at its root, not just cover up her existence artificial entertainment. Entertainment is low, but emptiness remains. Drained from the unspoken, and respectively unrequited pain and anxiety, the absence of truly meaningful communication. Man was created after gregarious personality and his desire to communicate with like-natural desire, but a lot of people, unfortunately, precluded from doing so by virtue of any complexes, health, financial problems or distances. So, dear my dear, and you are welcome to join our project! Share, communicate, maintain each other and, most importantly, remember that the proverb \”Man to man-wolf, or every man for himself\” – to our project ceases to exist dirty.

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