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Simple Snow Load Calculation

January 14, 2024


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Snow warning system provides a simple and effective control of the roof load the new snow scale of the company of RoofGuards allows a simple and effective measurement of the snow load on roofs. The current snow measurement data (load / m) can be read off easily from the desktop without dangerous roof inspections. The snow warning system consists of a snow scale and a control display, which continuously transmits the data to a central place in the building. The limits required for the snow load calculation can be entered individually depending on the building and roof construction. Excessive roof load, an optical and acoustic alarm of snow thrown, and also sent via SMS or email a notification to the responsible.

The networking of different locations allows nationwide to monitor E.g. all building an enterprise from a central point or to retrieve data via remote access at any time. Certainly one of the many reasons why is the snow load balance 2011 in the field of research & Development for the industry prize has qualified. So far the white splendour could be estimated only costly and inaccurate, there was not a suitable measuring instrument for determining the snow load. By increasing snow depth, the risk of the collapse of the roof rising permanently. Precipitation and resulting snow mass have become erratic in the past few years. Accidents such as in Bad Reichenhall or Katowice are the consequence.

In Germany the snow loads with the DIN are been re-negotiated 1055-5 in July 2005. But still many buildings from old stocks are not the current load. Too much snow weight is particularly dangerous in case of flat roofs. For more information about the snow warning system see

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