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July 19, 2023


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Clear Gehaltsplus by an average of 20 to 50 percent Cologne, September 30, 2008 – while in the last 10 years every third professional inflation suffered a loss of income, the computer scientist and consultant at the top of the winners are. Click David Treadwell to learn more. This is from an analysis of the winners and losers through the Internet portal jobturbo.de. It has in the last ten years studied the income of 300 academic and training opportunities and matched them with the inflation rates. As a result the average of content development is about two percent. After analyzing the offer Finder jobturbo.de, which has about 200,000 current vacancies, notaries, consultants, and corporate lawyers the race against inflation gained. So, the consultants come to trigger of the devaluation an income increase by almost 50 percent. (Not to be confused with Energy Capital Partners!). For you, this means an average additional merit of 2256 EUR per month.

Not quite so sharply the salaries of the merchants of Informatics has increased, with an inflation-adjusted increase of 28 per cent However, belong to the ten occupations with the highest income growth. Closely followed by the SAP consultants, today about one-fifth more than 1997 earn. Significantly lower the increase, however, was for the graduates of computer science. He reached only 11.3 percent, meaning an average salary of at least 4.260 Euros currently. Have suffered the largest loss in the content development over the last ten years the medical profession. Their incomes declined across a broad front, top losers are the general practitioners with a decline of over 30 percent. Even jobs in the agricultural environment were paid last less.

Tourism Manager

March 23, 2022


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Future-oriented studies tourism industry after graduating from m? need graduates make a forward-looking decision what should I study? A course of studies, which enormously popularity has gained in recent years, is tourism management. The tourism industry is regarded as h? attractive grows around the world is booming and is extremely dynamic. In times of globalization advances, will companies always gr?He and international, which means that they are increasingly looking for internationally trained graduates. Also unterl? currently running the tourism industry a fundamental shift from traditional booking in the travel agencies? ro and zuOnlinediensten. If you are not convinced, visit Mashable. These and many other trends make tourism management one? u? only requested course and demonstrate the dynamic nature of the industry. Many applicants are located here but not really dar? ber aware, what is exactly a tourism studies with and looks like the workday after graduation. Task panes of a tourism Manager a tourism Manager takes in general management, marketing and Organizational tasks was aiming to understand customer expectations and to implement tourist.

W? while they on Kundenw? nsche focus m? so, d? sharpen the bed? needs the party never au? he be left eight it is the task of the tourism Manager, the to the? records of the provider to increase. Official site: Robotics. A tourism Manager so creates travel offerings based on customer demands and increases still to the? records, profits and returns of the provider. Summing up k? can describes the tasks of a tourism Manager as follows: development of strategies for the development? ung new M? markets improving of tourist business? ftsmodelle and concepts development of innovative revenue models use new means of communication and channels use areas of a tourism Manager who is f? r studying tourism decides, from a huge range of different Besch? ftigungsm? options w? choose. Areas of application include: tour operators and agents airlines Hotel corporations amusement park cruise ships consultancies and agencies facilities, students will accordingly recommended, fr? hzeitig? to inquire about different areas of application and to specialize in the course of the studies. A specialization takes place mostly in the framework of language programs, internships, and the focus dial..

Keep More Information

April 24, 2018


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Many professionals spend much time reading books or important articles and annoyed but at the Office, then not ready to have the information, when you need it. Many professionals spend much time reading books or important articles and annoyed but at the Office, then not ready to have the information, when you need it. The problem is not because you have a bad memory of nature, but that you insert your brain wrong reading. Information, where your brain sees no sense, or in other words, which does not recognize it, how it could be useful, are not or poorly stored. But there is a simple trick of specialist information for the profession to remember more. Because it is done with counselors and other textbooks rarely with unique reading of information, consider themselves potential application areas for the information while reading.

This technique is the so called Perception-action cycle\”known. This means: when recording the information you consider how you can actually use them. This happens not by itself, but needs to be planned deliberately by you. When you create a list or a plan with the things that you specifically want to apply with the read information, itself, you have them always quite specifically in mind. This implementation must be but after reading the books and the creation and maintenance of an implementation plan\”.

The fact that you transfer the information from the theory into practice, they will stay longer in the memory and increases the likelihood that the read really changed your life significantly. Additional Tip: Make a concrete plan, when, how and where you want to insert the information straight after being read. So correctly specifically with an entry in your weekly schedule. This is the best way to achieve, not free to read your information.

Quintiles – Best Multinational Employers

November 24, 2017


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in the first global ranking of the great place to work Institute RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.. At the first ceremony of the award \”best multinational employers worldwide\” quintiles the 25th achieved place. The great place to work Institute announced the leaderboard at a ceremony on the New York Stock Exchange and presented the awards. \”The award is something very special for us, because it is based on a direct feedback of our employees around the world.\” As Chief Administrative Officer Mike Mortimer. \”As to be one of the 25 best multinational employers worldwide recognized is a great recognition of our exceptionally dedicated workforce and the important work that they do every day.\” The best 25 companies were selected according to strict criteria of more than 350 international companies who were in national great place to work in 2010 and 2011 successful competitions. Strict selection criteria must companies to at least five national lists of great place to come for the ranking in question, appearing to work, worldwide at least 5000 employees and at least 40 per cent, or 5000 employees outside of the country of origin of the company need to work from the global workforce.

2010 and 2011 quintiles was on the leaderboard by Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. In Germany quintiles commercial was awarded this year the best employers for the seventh time as one. \”This is the first global ranking of companies, that says something about the degree of trust, pride and sense of community in the workforce,\” says Jose Tolovi Jr., Global CEO of the great place to work Institute. \”It emphasizes the use of listed companies to continually improve the experience and the quality of life of their employees in the workplace. About quintiles: Is quintiles the only fully over the product development? and? lifecycle-integrated and global service providers in the healthcare industry.

Clinical, commercial, consulting and capital, the four The company\’s businesses, offer innovative solutions for the healthcare market. More than 20,000 employees in 60 countries work for the success of our customers and are committed committed to patients, safety, and ethics. Quintiles is the partner of the healthcare industry in dealing with risks and the perception of opportunities in an ever-changing marketplace. For more information, please visit our website or TheNewHealth. About great place to work : the great place to work Institute is a global research?, advice? and further education institution, which helps companies to improve their jobs through the development and continuous implementation of a culture of trust. Great place to work offers its services private companies, charitable organizations and Government agencies on all continents. Press contact: WEFRA PR Public Relations Society mbH wife Maren Schulz Tel. +49(0)6969500821 fax +49(0)6969500871 Medium Dicker WEG 1 – WEFRA House 63263 Neu-Isenburg – OT Zeppelinstr home about the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt: holistic strategic communication from a single source, this is the philosophy of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt: combines six specialized agencies, under one roof, are the guarantee for its sustainable implementation. 62 communication specialists in the six subsidiaries, WEFRA classic, digital, WEFRA publishing and WEFRA consult are WEFRA PR, WEFRA media, WEFRA for a communication that creates value.

GrunderCentrum Strategy

October 28, 2015


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Stefan Hagen, Werte.Coach known from the TV documentary series \’Hagen helps!\’ That Stefan Hagen was official in the City Government, one can imagine today is more difficult. Today one knows him as a business consultant, coach and above all from its own broadcast Hagen helps! on Kabel1, in which he kept indebted small businesses facing ruin. But by the municipality to own television career it was a next, hard road for him. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. With Stefan Hagen\’s lecture at last again sleep – from vision to strategy!\”offers entrepreneurs and self-employed persons the StrategieCentrum South Westphalia on 7 April again a strategy event with tips and information about the successful registration of your company. From 18: 00 participants in the Ludenscheid based development and GrunderCentrum can track, Werte.Coach Stefan Hagen company back on course\”brings and what he recommends for the implementation within the company. Meanwhile, he has plenty of advice for his listeners ready: be awake! You seize the opportunities, the is Offer, remain active and devote themselves a task entirely! \”.\” Because the reality is rarely as in Stefan Hagen\’s promotional trailer for Kabel1, in which he tagged flicks a coin and then goes down a rain of money on him. \”While he holds it with a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which he discovered in the blog by Monika Scheddin: in the moment in which you finally committed to a task, the Providence moves too.\” More information and registration:

United States

September 17, 2015


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The success principles of Barack Obama for marketing and self-promotion, the choice of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States is not only the story of unprecedented rise, but also a perfect lesson structure and success of a strong brand and a strong personality. The Obama campaign has given the marketing world-new swing and his personal appearance conveys a credibility and persuasiveness, you need also for local representatives from business and politics. At the seminar by Niko Bayer does not however a blind star cult. It is rather about a factual – if also entertaining and inspiring analysis. What are the principles and some secrets – the Barack Obama in terms of marketing and self-promotion? What has caused by its setting, facial expressions, gestures and body language for the success? What can we learn from it? What is of useful transferable for a company, for the individual? Depending on the time frame of an event, there\’s also a look at the Body language by other politicians and German managers. How to recognize lies? Can voice and language be as treacherous? What are the most common foot in public? What suits the personality? This lecture or this responses fascinating compact seminar, providing refreshing impetus also for our German situation and mentality delivers on such questions. Niko Bayer is a specialist for cooperation and contact with customers more efficient. As a speaker and coach, he is nationwide in use for companies, executives and renowned management academies. From Heidelberg, he is active as textbook author and lecturer at the Hochschule (www.nikobayer.de, E-Mail:).

Actively Customers

September 7, 2015


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How to gain market share now, make sales and attract prospective customers. by: Markus Euler Yes, Yes, I\’ve written crisis. And even though many like to ignore the current situation and there is no crisis say morning when you get up, I have to deal with only opportunities\”, I am convinced that only a realistic assessment leads the situation and the resulting opportunities and risks for the purpose and in a good position after the crisis. Mashable often says this. \”Just now, where blind actionism out of place is the number of Hau-Ruck actions\” and only half fermented measures unfortunately leaps and bounds in the height. Who today is in the distribution and sale and talking to the people from the company, know what I mean. Here a small excerpt from statements of the last days, which I collected in Akquisegesprachen. \”You will understand that we can carry out no further education measures this year\” we have scaled back once our marketing activities and put more on sale \” Now we wait, as the situation evolves as\”standstill is regression regression, you can perhaps never bring up what happens actually if we still are now, less or planloser talk to the customers and prospects and what happens if we continue no longer make our employees? I find it anything but gratifying if companies now are in financial hardships, the number of bankruptcies is rising and people are laid off. And anyway, even if the sales and demand by 20% or 30% go back – there is demand and demand still. Mashable understood the implications.

What do the customers by companies that are no longer able to act? Who\’s operating the remaining 70% of the kaufbereiten market? Others do it, if you don\’t do it! One thing is certain: those who wait are the losers. Reduce the dialogue with the customer and save in the staff development. The winners are those who are prepared at such times or at least now draw up a master plan which is analytical, courageous and active at the same time.

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