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Sisel Staret

January 26, 2024


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“Sisel international combines health and lifestyle into a mega opportunity we have now has momentum and will develop a mega momentum soon, because our new coffee a rapid and massive growth is all over the world give us”, so Tom mower SR., founder, co-owner and Chief Scientist of SISEL INTERNATIONAL, the network giant of Springville in the U.S. State of Utah. “Tens of thousands Networkers Europe cheer on today’s 1 November, because it’s finally here: the healthiest coffee in the world” can ordered, delivered and drank eagerly expected by customers and sales partners from Aachen to Zwickau, Austria and Cyprus. It is well known that coffee, one of the most popular food is worldwide. But coffee does not equal coffee! A truth that applies to the SISEL coffee products in a special mass, because in the development of various coffee products from SISEL walked it in the same way to maximum health effects as to excellent taste. The latter is the specialty coffee of an internationally renowned institution, Association of America (SCAA) in ranking tests checked. Coffee can be a value between 0 and 100 points get. The higher the value, the better, and tasty coffee.

Coffees, which are distributed in the network marketing, not even reached the mark of 80 points in the past and could therefore according to the SCAA standard rather than speciality”apply. “” A value between 80 and 85 means that a coffee very good “is, values between 85 and 89 are considered excellent specialty”. The coffee of SISEL reaches 88 on this scale. This taste quality SISEL INTERNATIONAL achieved a little trick”: the company simply buys the best raw material that is available worldwide! “SISELs Kaffe is the variety of Boquete coffee” from Panama, who for 12 years in a row as no. 1 among the coffee beans “is listed. This coffee grows at high elevations on mineral-rich volcanic ash-containing soil, has 4 chromosomes, and is therefore in a natural manner sweet and delicate.

Widespread Distribution Base

January 24, 2024


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The Munchner Emissionshaus DCM AG reports a reduced total investment volume compared to 40 percent of against the backdrop of the global economic crisis for the fiscal year 2009. Investments amounting to EUR 131 million for a total of seven funds were so (2008: 225 million euro) this corresponds to including premium placed equity of EUR 60 million (2008: 127 million euros). The sales of the DCM focused on three aircraft investment, as well as a solar Fund. The balance of the DCM for 2009 has a slightly positive result despite the difficult environment. Claus Hermuth as Chairman of DCM is the year 2009 ambivalent: on the one we could significantly strengthen our presence in the banking sector by we could win as savings banks and Volks – and Raiffeisen banks as a new distribution partner. On the other hand the economic crisis affected investor confidence in General, and therefore unfortunately also individual distributor sales.” The DCM is however due to the increasing management Economic crisis as well as the distribution also newly acquired Postbank from a faster placement in 2010, in particular the aircraft investment. Especially since”, so Hermuth, our funds that generate stable and load-independent cash flows, the right products for investors that are again are confident corporate investments.” The DCM aircraft funds include the most modern cargo aircraft in the world, which in the long term are leased to AeroLogic GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo AG and the Deutsche Post Beteiligungen holding GmbH. Last year, three machines were funded and delivered as planned to the tenant.

Flying since high capacity on routes between Europe and Asia, as well as the United States. “Just in time to be closed at the end of the year the DCM could GmbH & co. aircraft Fund 1 KG” with a placed equity of $ 91.5 million (total investment volume: US$ 186 million) and the DCM energy GmbH & co. solar 3 KG “with a total investment volume of around EUR 35 million with an equity capital of EUR 9.5 million (incl. premium).

Their systems were already in 2009 the network and secured the high feed-in tariffs after the energy a food Act (EEG) 2009 the Fund shareholders thus. For 2010, the DCM plans the circulation of another solar Fund. In addition received EUR 6.5 million in the DCM VorsorgePortfolio 2, which invested in up to 30 Fund from five asset classes as a Fund of funds. Considering the generally weak market figures, the provider of closed-end funds must continue working to show their advantages compared to other asset classes. This is both an industry and Association theme as a challenge for each individual underwriter. The DCM AG will engage also in 2010 as a very active market participants”, explains Claus Hermuth. The Munich-based DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the German investment market. The investment amounts to more than 4.6 billion since inception.

Internet Customers

January 10, 2024


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DarkEmotion.de work with the payment service Paymorrow together Hamburg, July 21, 2010: now even the SM and fetish shop offers DarkEmotion.de to its customers to purchase on invoice. Energy Capital Partners London is actively involved in the matter. This is one of the pioneers in the e-commerce DarkEmotion.de and offers an even better customer service than ever before. The main objective is to liberate it customers of the risks of online shopping and to enable them a relaxed shopping experience. Numerous studies have shown that buying on account for Internet shoppers is the most popular payment method. In collaboration with the financial services paymorrow, DarkEmotion.de now realizes his customer’s desire. For the online buyers, the use of paymorrow is quite simple: without complex registration clicks the customer through the normal ordering process, selects the paymorrow invoice as payment method and enters the required data. After the customer has confirmed the paymorrow order by E-Mail DarkEmotion.de promptly shipped the goods. His account pays the customer directly on paymorrow with a payment term of 30 days.

The Invoice the buyer on the Internet offers key benefits: he must enter any sensitive data in the Internet, he can examine the merchandise alone before he acquires them, he must contact the payment not in advance. Only the goods then the money now is at DarkEmotion.de – SM and fetish needs the foreign exchange. For the time being, this service to domestic customers will be limited. If it is well received, the next step is an extension to the European customers. More information find at press contact: DarkEmotion.de is an online shop of CNG FunWorld GbR Christoph Graack and Nicole Graack Warthestrasse 38 D-22547 Hamburg contact person: Christoph Graack Web: mail: info at cngfunworld.

European Union Company

January 9, 2024


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Advantages and disadvantages of starting new companies in Malta as European entrepreneur an ITC is a company registered in Malta, whose Operationen confined to international trading activities. An ITC is therefore only entitled pure trading activities from Malta, but not within Malta to make; only with foreign individuals or companies. The international trading company is a good option for the establishment of a company in Malta from the point of view, to reduce the tax burden. It is similar to a German GmbH, but the capital is only 250.00 the founding period days includes usually only 3-4. An ITC is taxed initially at a tax rate of 35% on the profits, after the dividend payment, paid taxes are however partly reimbursed, this results in an effective taxation of 4.17%. The Republic of Malta is a southern European island nation in the Mediterranean, which is divided into two regions.

The name of Malta from the Punic name for Haven malet. At Andy Florance you will find additional information. On the 21.09.1964 Malta declared independent from the United Kingdom, the 01.05.2004 it became member of the European Union. 01.01.2008 was introduced in Malta of the euro. Official languages are Maltese and English. In comparison to the others in newly acceded in 2004 of the EU Member States, Malta’s economy is relatively positive. The most traditional sectors of the economy are agriculture and fishing. An own Exchange was founded in 1992 in Malta.

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