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Dennis Darling Nina

May 7, 2022


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With the appropriate attachments are quickly eliminated granules, grit, and other remnants of the winter temperatures get warmer again and the professional winter service is shifting more and more in the higher regions and in the countries of the Alps. In the fight against snow and ice, thousands of tonnes of grit, granules, sand, and salt was distributed in Germany on roads and paths with winter service spreading devices or spreading winter road maintenance by the winter service. Now, if snow and ice, melted remains evenly as unpleasant reminder on the roads and sidewalks in many places and may harm not only paths, roads and the nature, but also cause damage to cars and trucks, so that a cleansing of streets, roads and public places is now pending. If the surfaces are larger, you arrive quickly with a broom on the edge of what is possible and then offers a good alternative for companies that have a motor trucks or loaders in use. Forklift broom can easily with the Forks are recorded and can already start the cleaning of the surfaces. Depending on the needs there are different designs of brush: simpler models have 6-8 rows of bristles and are already relatively inexpensive to have. Higher quality growing brush offer for forklift trucks with your up to 12 rows of bristles, so that when a one-time cleaning, the surface is perfectly clean. In addition, the forklift broom are usually multiple adjustable, so here at each surface to be cleaned quickly the right setting can be found.

In addition, brush heads are for all forklift broom easily interchangeable and as to order spare parts, so that the truck Push broom over many years can be used. Even if the broom as most are referred to “Forklift broom”, can ingested by other carrier vehicles with fork tines. Wheel loader, front loader o. Continue to learn more with: Darcy Stacom. a. – all this carrier vehicles can absorb the growing Push broom for forklift trucks. Even if no fork lift trucks to the hand, in order to use the forklift broom, there are numerous alternatives for example the sweepers for the Handbertrieb.

The winter service pro shop offers a wide range of forklift attachments for professional winter service. Not only snow pusher, space shields and snow ploughs are in the program, but also a wide range of forklifts Sweeper are available for forklift trucks. Also a comprehensive consultation is offered (by phone), so that the correct attachment for forklift trucks can be found for every need. Contact: winter service professional shop Dennis Darling Nina of the industry supplier of winter service professional shop from offers a versatile and comprehensive range of products the Munsterland on his online presence for the winter service. Whether snow pusher for forklift trucks, hydraulic spreaders for wheel loader or the simple snow shovel with scattering car for the Manual can be found at this specialist.

ABC Software Takes Care

June 4, 2020


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The renowned Swiss distributor ABC Software GmbH will distribute from now the high-quality and colourful laptop bags of manufacturer AMVi tech. “” Thus the 10TURIO stand bags of Tullus’ Galba ‘ and Cato “in the trendy, upbeat colors, green, red and beige, in the shelves of well stocked retailers in selected branches of the media market Switzerland. With this partnership, ABC software extends the portfolio to the trendy and competent manufacturer from Germany. With the 10TURIO series inspired by the Roman Empire, in which the Centurion stood with his shield for strength AMVi tech now elegant notebook briefcases offers, the laptops and MacBooks to 15 ‘ inch record. The extremely lightweight, durable and colorful designed bags make for effective round-to-cover.

The ultra light weight of the bags is across the comfort over hours. As well, the non-slip liability the shoulder straps is a useful feature. The 10TURIO series is now available for Swiss resellers /.

World Economic Forum

January 20, 2017


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Hong Kong is the best choice in Asia Outfit7, a Cyprus-based company when it comes to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights company, intellectual property (IP) of the company, that popular talking of friends could best protect franchise, in greater China and the Asia Pacific has decided the question who, for the Hong Kong team of Baker & McKenzie. The talking friends app, with its attractive characters like Tom, Ben and ginger, downloaded a billion times alone in June 2013. We opted for the team in Hong Kong, because it is local and has access to the Chinese mainland. So they can assist us in questions of copyright law to the side\”, explains SAMO login, founder and CEO of Outfit7. According to Loke-Khoon Tan, head of Baker & McKenzie\’s IP Practice of Asia-Pacific, it focuses mainly on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights by Outfit7 in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region. In our strategy are the problems facing the company in the Center point. We look at especially the trademark and branding, support our clients as well as patent and copyright issues.\” With more than 20 years of experience in the Chinese IP market and the expertise thus acquired has the consulting firm a competitive advantage and can offer big-picture\”solutions. We feel well equipped to be able to offer our customers advice for the whole region,\”explains Tan.

For him, Hong Kong is the best choice in Asia when it comes to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights company. Hong Kong has a high degree of awareness of these issues, and has established an appropriate legal system. Copyright infringement will be prosecuted by the laws, regulations and customs. When it comes to the issue of IP protection, the metropolis occupies in the global competitiveness report 2012-2013, published by the World Economic Forum, ranked 11th by 144 surveyed economies.

Lamb Number Expands

December 1, 2015


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Continued growth requires larger premises large, well located, with plenty of room for trainings and events as the new headquarters of Lammerzahl GmbH presents itself. As one of the leading software manufacturers for the municipal social administration refers to the company on the 24th / 25.02.2011 the new, larger office building. 1,700 square meters of working area, spread over three floors with outstanding large Loggia, the Dortmund social software specialist expands its premises. The service activities that had to be stored at the old company headquarters due to lack of space, can be now intensified, established the on-site customer support and sales events. Since time immemorial, people are fascinated by the OWL, their wisdom and insight anywhere in the world. A beautiful symbol\”, is also managing director Jurgen Lammerzahl, for our company representative, the Uhlenhorst. With foresight, we want with in the future each project the local authorities tackle, which is interessieren for our fully integrated solution.\” After years of continuous growth, Jurgen and Rainer lamb number had to act. The rooms at the old headquarters had become much too small.

The Uhlenhorst for sale was offered, hesitated Jurgen Lammerzahl not long. I had to take this ChanCE that offer ideal MoglichKeiten over 1,700 square meters for the alltagLiChe work as well as for training courses, meetings and conferences. Our growing customer and employee subgroup benefited them equally\”, he sums up. Also for an extension, genuGend the available space is on the spacious grounds. Lamb number can now ausrichten on the top floor with large balcony even event evenings of the stattfindenden held annual user\’s Conference with around 150 RIBA. We are pleased our customers in the already Rooms welcome to may.\”we have to ensure in particular that every employee can fully unfold and also there is space for a healthy growth of our company\”, explains JurGen Lammerzahl. Our MITarBeiter can breathe in the nearby Romberg Park and recharge your batteries for the daily required creative, efficient work performance at the highest level.\” Particular emphasis was placed on a technically perfect facilities of the new headquarters. In the frame of the building, a danger alarm and access control system with VdS certified monitoring station service was installed.

An erfahrenes, multiple certified company that garantiert the smooth operation makes the move. A transport insurance policy covers additional risk potential. The laufende operation remains undisturbed during the procession. For special cases, customers on the homepage are known additional telephone numbers given. \”Now we can serve even better and more flexible our growing customer base. To fulfil the quality requirements of municipal authorities, is\”still top priority for us, so Jurgen Lammerzahl. New is a lohnenswerte future investment for a healthy, long-term partnership between us and the municipalities therefore.

EasyFairs Packaging 2011: Fair Appearance By Raja Pack A Success

November 28, 2015


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Catalogers shows diverse product portfolio and results in numerous discussions with customers of Birkenfeld, February 2011 the crowds at the colorful State the mood among the visitors was great, very positive: the r Pack GmbH moves from their appearance at the easyFairs packaging 2011 from 26 to 27 January 2011 in Hamburg a positive balance. The mail order traders based in Birkenfeld moved its diverse product portfolio at the heart of the Besucherinteressers and persuaded with great proximity to customers. Rajapack is the German subsidiary of the RAJA group, Europe\’s market leader in the field of B2B shipping trade for packaging solutions. Our trade fair appearance at the easyFairs packaging 2011 was a full success\”, is the positive conclusion by General Director Harald Schonfeld after participating in the packaging trade fair in Hamburg, Germany. As already at our premiere last year our concept from colourful crafted stand, a selection of our diverse packaging solutions together with the competent specialist advice very well with the audience arrived.\” During the two-day fair was a 4-Member sales team headed by Sales Director Ralf Kreuzer spot alongside Harald Schonfeld. This informed in detail about the product range and the services of Raja Pack. The customer advisors in 20% this led many conversations with potential clients and customers, partners and suppliers more than in last year. Booth as a magnet for visitors as a true visitor magnet turned out this year again the Rajapack booth.

Strikingly designed Rajapack colours invited the 16-square-meter stand not only to look at, but also to handle the diverse product range. So the visitors could up close look at the various boxes, tapes, or special packaging and also try out, how to configure, for example, a bottle packaging. The exhibited product range included air-cushion and paper pad machines. We wanted our visitors not only speak directly, but at the same time with our products contact bring. We achieved this with our stand\”, Schonfeld would be. Laid out catalogs and display cabinets with electrical appliances rounded out the booth.

The easyFairs packaging 2011 took place for the fourth time this year. With around 180 exhibitors and approximately 2,700 visitors, the packaging show scored a clear growth compared with the previous year. The easyFairs packaging has become a fixture in the North German area\”, thought of Schonfeld, the measurement as a perfect opportunity for maintaining personal contact. Fairs offer the possibility, to convince our existing and potential customers in direct talks by our solutions in terms of range, product quality and service us.\” The next trade fair therefore have already been set: from 8 to 10 February 2011 Rajapack participates in the Intralogistikmesse LogiMAT 2011 in Stuttgart with its own stand (Hall 3, booth 162). Rajapack r Pack GmbH is the German subsidiary of the international group of RAJA. > offers on the topic.. The French group of companies offers its a total 500,000 customers first-class solutions and numerous products around to packaging and shipping. Five Logistics Centers allow with over 100,000 square metres of warehouse space, ordered goods within 24/48 hours in eleven countries in Europe to deliver. With over 820 employees, the RAJA group generated an annual turnover of EUR 223 million in 2009. More than 4,500 innovative packaging solutions with an optimal price/performance ratio can be found in the current range. The company, based in Birkenfeld attaches particular importance to its comprehensive customer service, commitment to environmental protection, as well as a professional wholesale service.

Security Labels Accidents

November 3, 2015


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When HEIN to get all warning signs, signs and bid signs only 1 day! With security labels to warns of dangers. The authoritative behavior of employees in the company can be influenced by the use of safety signs. So, you can prevent accidents in the workplace. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. HEIN industrial plates GmbH obtained all warning signs, bid signs and signs in accordance with the current standards and guidelines. All safety signs at HEIN within one day and obtained in accordance with BGV A8, ASR A1 3 or ISO 7010.

You have the choice between simple stickers, plastic or aluminium plates. The signs in various sizes are also available. Through the use of warning signs in the operation, to avoid serious accidents because warning labels clearly warn of potential dangers. \”With the warning label warning of dangerous electrical voltage\” it draws attention, for example, on the danger of electric voltage. HEIN industrial plates GmbH obtained the right for every purpose Warning signs in great material and text / icon variety. Signs show employees which behavior is to refrain from, so that accidents can be avoided.

For example, you prevent access for unauthorized persons with the prohibitory sign prohibited\”unauthorised access. Of course, you will get also all other signs to identify at HEIN of machines and work! Bid signs show the viewer what conduct accidents can be avoided. \”For example, shows the warning symbol use hearing protection\” that hearing damage can be prevented by use of hearing protection. When HEIN, you get a huge selection of bid signs – in many materials and sizes. HEIN industrial plates GmbH to get warning labels, signs and bid signs always according to the latest standards and regulations.

Strategy Against High Purchase Prices

August 14, 2015


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Rising commodity prices cause problems while the share of energy costs in production expenses rather than marginal is perceived also plant and machine construction, are rising commodity prices in the focus of the manufacturer. This problem is encountered with increasing cost awareness. But where meaningful save expenditure? In personnel expenses? Or the fixed costs should be considered more intense? Optimization of E.g. material and services costs tenders be used often without knowing what criteria are at all relevant to success. Or try pressing to move the service provider to a concession, which they can then often follow the customer not recognizable – just see performance and quality smears. The alternative revenue increase is not always the same to the Rotary at the price screw.

Companies can operate more economically – because starting at a quantity of 30 metric tons of recyclable materials (E.g., paper, cardboard, plastic, scrap metal) are interested in a purchase also further away seated recyclers show. However not much goes without knowledge of the market, because obtaining services creates more confusion than clarity and requires a large amount of time. The problem is different factors: one a day price is called, which is useless, because he can give no planning certainty. Also, every recycler specifies another index or not unrelated to the revenue base. If you would like to know more about Mashable, then click here. Also the often practiced requests 3 service provider shortly before pickup of recyclables only seemingly brings benefits. There are worlds between the result it achieved and an approach which takes into account all aspects of the value fabric producer. Conclusion: As in the development and construction of facilities, a high degree of specialization and expertise is required even when cost-cutting or revenue-enhancing measures. Is this taken into account, earnings are possible in the six-digit range.


November 12, 2014


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Only sites with equal potential Dynamics win the competition for creative minds and prospects for the future of the location also depend on that there are people in the future, see a professional perspective in science and science-based companies. I.e.: the existing resources must be optimized to the preservation and expansion of innovation and knowledge. Compared to the classical factors of production management, the management of knowledge has his whole future ahead of her. There will be more and more important, that use knowledge-based products and services, because the market value of today\’s products and services to an ever larger share based on their information content. It iterates through several stages: from the data of the information up to the level of expertise. Sooner or later, technologies will be copied by imitators in low-wage countries. The strength of knowledge-intensive products enables a site, to benefit from this especially at the beginning of the life cycle of a product and also in the Comparison to justify higher costs to, for example, Chinese sites (as long as it there is no original research and development and is built only).

Sites that are informationalisieren\”can, will be better than those who cannot. If they know about it to use, existing knowledge, they will be even stronger and more valuable than that which are based only on information. The site with great potential for chance to win the competition to creative minds (prefer creative cities because they have more options: the technologically creative innovators, the economically creative entrepreneurs and the artistic/cultural creative artists appreciate it that they are neighbors in the same site). At the choice of the place of work creative not only by the attractiveness of the labour market can be, the cultural diversity, a generous climate of tolerance, as well as a pronounced stimulus environment of education and science is just as important for them. Detailed Versions, with Becker, Jorg: site analysis, cultural and creative economy – how the site is creative? ISBN 978 3 8391 2058 3 I.e. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. the interplay between technology, talent and tolerance is crucial to the creative appeal of a site. Competence networks can act as communication forums, which can improve competitiveness and development potential of the site. Also representatives from research and education, politics, management and many other areas (for example culture, sport, tourism and others are involved in these networks in addition to companies.

The advantage for all involved lies in the possibility of the exchange of information and networking business (E.g. address new customer target group, search suitable cooperation partners). Competence networks can also help to exploit existing synergies and innovation potential detailed designs, with Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital ISBN 978 3 8370 7132 0 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.de)

Knowledge Management

November 4, 2014


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Strategic thinking strengthens the thinking in alternatives regardless of size, industry or business must be a company with the same 3-W \”questions deal: W o is it today?\” W o want to go there? H ow does it there? It is important to keep this order. Because: only when the destination is just a decision on appropriate means of transport should be taken, with which you can get best there. Strategy check should above all the first two are this questions to the fore. Strategic thinking awakens also the thinking in alternatives. The strategy-check is to offer assistance to detect them and to explore their potential. Since the raw material knowledge\”to the most valuable is what a company owns, must with its strategic content be identified and exploited. \”This effective strategies succeed especially when rooted in the corporate memory\” are firmly anchored.

CF. Becker, Jorg: Strategy-check and balance of knowledge, ISBN 9783837073058 \”\” \”\” Single-point here are for example: business environment for knowledge-intensive markets, strategic dimension of intellectual capital, explore design fields of knowledge management, products with frozen know turning knowledge into cash, strategy question: corporate knowledge is measurable?, strategic future raw material knowledge \”, vision and mission, strategic goods knowledge\”, strategy and goals, bundling strategy factors, strategic process factors, strategic success factors, cluster strategic process factors, GP-1: mission statement – company strategy, GP-2: management of change, GP-3: customer relation management, GP-4: Marketing controlling cluster strategic success factors, GE-1: image and awareness, GE-2: market attractiveness, market position, GE-3: potential for development benchmarking, GE-4: performance quality, cf. Becker, Jorg: strategy-check and balance of knowledge, ISBN 9783837073058. cluster strategic human factors, HK-1: entrepreneurship, HK-2: education, training, professional qualification, HK-3: employee satisfaction, motivation, HK-4: knowledge management, accounting, cluster strategic structural factors, SK-1: information systems, applications, SK-2: planning and controlling tool box, SK-3: early warning and risk control system, SK-4: locational factors, cluster strategic relationship factors, BK-1: customer and supplier relationships, BK 2: corporate communications, BK 3: competence networks, BK-4: logistics knowledge balances are with regard to their elaboration, nor with regard to their analysis and handling for suitable to delegate they form about lower activity of subordinate persons. Jorg Becker

Weighing Technology

October 13, 2014


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New edition of the Bizerba load transducer is modular, flexible, hygienic and safe Bizerba has republished the load receptor of the VE-3 series. Due to its modular design the scales can be adapted to the diverse needs of the food industry as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. All models guarantee highest quality, safety and hygiene standards. The load receptor of the VE-3 series are appropriately modular assembled the individual customer requirements. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. The modular principle allows the flexible dealing with weight ranges from 300 to 6,000 kg, load sizes of 1,000 x 1,000 to 2,000 x 1,500 mm and a wide variety of materials. Should the requirements be more complex and require extraordinary mass of the components, the Bizerba project team is advising and realizing the page. Even the colours of the load plates can be adapted to the corporate identity of the company\”, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market at Bizerba.

Depending on the cleaning requirements Load plates either screwed, slithering or folding using a gas spring. Moreover, each model can be expanded to ramps, pit frame and other additional components. The customer can choose stainless steel V2A, V2A painted between the materials steel, polished V2A Teardrop and stainless steel V4A. For the model, there is a hot-dip galvanized steel variant 7500 VE-3 in addition. Despite the resulting variety, all weighing machines as standard products are available. Transducer meet high hygiene and safety standards suited transducer 2000 VE D stainless steel with folding frame and a range of 600 to 1,800 kg for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry customers who are looking for a space-saving and easy to use floor scale. A recessed pit can be omitted because of its low loading height of 60 mm and a drive-through width of 1250 mm. The transducer has a gas pressure-supported lifting automatic, which securely holds the scale in each angle.

To clean the transducer can be lifted safely from one person with minimal effort. In addition, all functional parts are protected, so that no snags arise. The transducer thus meets the requirements of the common rules of hygiene and safety regulations. It is optionally available in explosion-protected design. Bizerba Bizerba is a worldwide, leading in many areas of technology companies for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 54 in over 120 countries Country representations. Group revenues fell in 2009 compared to around 9%.

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