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Saudi Arabia

January 28, 2022


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This, concerned about its own economy began to diversify their investments, instead of continuing to spend all their money in dollars. Consequently, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Venezuela, Sudan, Iran and Russia began to consider 'dollarization' assets in order to safeguard them from the depreciation of the greenback. Reappears again and again the feeling of a global crisis. Steve Wozniak shines more light on the discussion. All attempts to predict economic trends have been unsuccessful. So how do we establish an economic system truly viable and stable? Systems between us The answer is really very simple.

It does not take a brilliant economist to realize. Only we must be aware that we and everything we do, including the economy, must follow the laws of the universal system, called Nature. That is, achieving a perfect unity, where the work of each individual benefits the whole. Therefore each one must meet their basic needs through this society and benefit their own work. However, artificial systems that we have established in human society are in complete contrast to this principle. The core of our behavior is the ego, which makes these systems in motion self-interest before the general, the pursuit of material goods, honor and control, even (or especially) at the expense of others. All this is directly related to the economy.

In our economic system based on the ego, the personal interests of the capitalists and the shareholders is the top priority for companies. Even when they help the community, one can not help but wonder if you only seek to advertise and enhance their reputation in the media. Globalization + Ego = Deadlock After thousands of years of development we are selfish cornered in a corner, the more we try to benefit from each other, the more we discover our interdependence. The minimum fluctuation in the local market may cause turbulence in the global market. Globalization has led to a fragility of our planet so that the slightest crack can do stumble and fall. Local events such as the mortgage crisis U.S. natural disaster, terrorist attack directly affect the international commodity prices and threatening global economic stability. The way out Humanity is going through two parallel processes: on the one hand, is pushing us to come together and work as one body. On the other, human selfishness is constantly growing and encourages us to separation. One way or another humanity must turn around their selfishness and work as one body. But instead of having to suffer crises force us to carry out this change, we must be ourselves that we have mastered and take control of the process. By learning about this system and its general principles, understand how to implement changes in our social systems in order to balance with nature, and prosper in all areas of our lives, including economic. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is Masters in cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, a professor of ontology and epistemology. He is founder and president of Bnei Baruch and ARI Institute in Israel. More information, and,.

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