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Cartographic Education

January 5, 2024


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In a study carried through for institute IPSOS, was proven that the half of the Brazilians does not know to locate Brazil in a map of the world. In the research, that counted on 1.000 interviewed, it had people that they had not known to answer, others had indicated Brazil in another place (also in Africa). Of the interviewed ones, 10% already they had passed for a college and not even they knew that Brazil if located in the South America. He will be that a pupil of the third year of average education would know? An unpreparedness in the cartography and geography education, or only indifference on the part of the people, who do not see importance some in knowing the map of the world? We are coexisting a volume of information and notice each bigger time, and to know where if they locate the main countries of the world, not only Brazil is crucial task in the globalizado world, that through the technology each time more shortens the distances. We need, therefore, to have the accurate notion of that distances are these. Cartographic education cartographic education if initiates soon in the first pertaining to school years, however, it is in disciplines geography that it becomes more perceivable.

It is the cartography one of the elements most important in the formation of the notion of espacialidade and proportionality of the pupil. But, it is not so simple of if initiating the education of maps in the pupils of the first years of basic education. It is necessary first to work the symbolic function of the pupil. The symbolic function is understood as the capacity to perceive the significant relation and meaning. According to Passini (1994), the children receive complex maps without having passed for process of cartographic education. In such a way pupils conclude its courses in the basic school, illiterate and unprepared in relation to the reading of maps, what he can extend itself until the end of the formation in the third year of average education.

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