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Remote Sensor

April 9, 2019


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The knowledge of the process of use and occupation of the ground becomes a way for the construction of the knowledge concerning ambient transformations, beyond a possibility for the rational use of the natural resources, opening also perspective for the resolution of ambient problems caused by the intense one and desregulado use of the ground. In the present time, the Remote Sensoriamento is one of the tools that come being of great utility in the analysis of the process of use and occupation of the ground, a time that in the ones of a chance to analyze ampler areas and with bigger precision, through the diverse resources proceeding from the digital processing of images, what they become them important tools and source of space-secular data in the accompaniment and distribution of the use and occupation of the ground, allowing to analyze the changes in the form as the space is being used. Agriculture, however, does not influence only in the physical aspects of an ecosystem, but also in the social conditions of the community where if of the such process. Some contend that Mikkel Svane shows great expertise in this. Ahead by this, many times, the natural factors are taken as being responsible for the subdesenvolvimento of determined regions, a time that these can consist in determinative factor in the agricultural activity, in case that it does not have the use of technologies that can minimize the natural effect of intempries in areas of half-barren climate. The main clarifying factor of the northeast subdesenvolvimento with regard to the Center-South of the Country was, until end of the Fifties, adverse the climatic condition (it dries) (RODRIGUES, 2001). However, since this date, Stolen (1998) it comes presenting disgnostic distinct, calling attention for the importance the action development that they search to coexist the drawn out estiagens, a time that affirms to be the root cause of the subdesenvolvimento of the region its social organization, that bigger impact generates, in periods of drawn out estiagem, in the food producers.

Brazilian Territory

April 20, 2017


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In this direction, the church also seems to be a symbol. They are perceived in figure 3, elements that make reference the falling of trees of trees, forest fires and cultivations. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. In figure 4, an indication to the traces becomes more representative of the territories, guided for reductions where the classic regional aspects are marked by icons as trees, constructions, urban mesh. The human element meets next concentrate to the Brazilian northeast coast. In figure 5, the Brazilian territory is represented as if it was an island, with the reference written of? ocean. However, executing it confusion, the drawing can be an indicative of that the territory goes beyond the surface with land, extending itself it the sea.

Cavalcanti (2008, p.53-54) affirms that ' ' we are all agents of the territory, establish limits between ours and of the others; all we elaborate production strategies that if shock with other strategies of appropriation and use of territrio' ' , being thus, one of the students points ' ' in a territory states ones of outros&#039 exist many limitations as rivers dividing; ' , this rank does not only imply to argue the extension of the territory (referring to extension principle), but brings a fast concern of it the constitution of the territory, ' ' as projected social relation in espao' ' Cavalcanti (2008, p.54). In figure 6, the square is in the center of the representation as territory ample and visualized by people who, of different angles of it participate. The church and the field of soccer are drawn outside of the delimitation in size great in opposing sides. In the field, the players located for activity, certainly each one in its corresponding position. The identity aspect is seen as belonging to the place. Figure 7 presents a conception of territory more directed toward the economy, being distinguished the primary activities where the nature starts to be determinative.

Time Community System

March 7, 2016


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Introduction the city of situated Medicilndia on the edges of the Transamaznica Highway of 230 BR Altamira Stretch to the Itaituba in Par, comes being affected for some problems, as main we can cite: ambient question, lack of support technician in agriculture, high index of poverty, lacks to education and health of quality, etc. With the agrarian problems, economic, of health and social political in our city, it is important to search the causes that had brought as much disequilibrium in the region. Therefore a research in the property of Mr. Adilson was carried through Pear tree of the passion that deferred payment in the community Is Brs km 105, and through the contained information it was possible in such a way to identify the positive and negative problems that happen in the region city. But valley to register here that although the problems identified in the community of the interviewed one, is possible to mainly perceive the wealth that the region offers, for the productive potential in the cacaueira farming. The objective of the research it is also for identifying as the families live in the property, as they use the practical ones of cultivos, that relation make with the environment and of that it forms are making to prevent the ambient disequilibrium. Of the same form to perceive the relationship and convivncia of the school and community in the teach-learning process, in the reading and writing, a time that, all are participant protagonists and of this involving way. In this community we can divide the families in two groups; the proprietors and the half leaseholders, because it is a purple ground area, that means the cacao culture large-scale. Through the data raised in the research, he follows in paragraphs reflection and analysis thus to take conscience to all population of the city and region of what the men are capable in the transformation of this world who we live.

The Principle

May 9, 2014


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Of this form, the communication is the principle for the desenvolvimento of the potentialities of a generation and the base for studies and accomplishments of future generations. If led in account that science did not appear and nor is carried through by only one person, the communication can be concluded that it always was and it continues being primordial for its advance. Each researcher repasses its discoveries for other people, thus contributing with the ascension of the knowledge. (PISSINATI and ARCHELA, 2007). 2.2.1 Lesson-workshops in the Laboratory of Computer science the lesson-workshops in computer science laboratory can be used mainly for the development of activities that had treated on spatial orientation.

Although the slight knowledge of orientation and localization to be always demanded in our daily life, if the geographic directions make necessary the habit to associate them it. The necessity of displacement with security on the terrestrial surface, either for the seas or the continents, made the man to develop, since the passed times, for the comment of the celestial astros, a system of geographic coordinates that continues being used in the current days in the air travel and maritime with the use of sophisticated instruments. The world is evolving in a speed never before seen, the all instant is being bombed for a infinity of information that do not stop to arrive, when we think that we are dominating determined technology, this already is exceeded. In century XXI, that one that not to know to use a computer, to have access the Internet, will be considered ' ' illiterate of futuro' ' , and the lack of this type of knowledge, certainly will contribute for social exclusion. Therefore, the more early the pupils will have access to the technological resources, more prepared will be for following the technological advances of century XXI. (COAST, 2008). How much the common citizen, the learning on the parallels, meridians, latitude and longitude if becomes important for the fact of that the map is gotten by means of the mesh of co-ordinated that mooring cable the surface represented with the surface of the land, involving, also, projection and scales.

Government Chavez

April 20, 2014


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The process of integration between Brazil and Argentina in the MERCOSUL was initiated at the beginning of years 90. Of pr it did not have many advances here there, therefore, internally it has much interference politics and divergence of ideas. We never arrive at a consensus on ours external politics, this in if treating to the MERCOSUL. Perhaps Brazil is from fear to deepen its relations with a country of unstable economy, Argentina, in turn, it fears the idea of being certain servant dependence of Brazil. The entrance of Venezuela in the block of the MERCOSUL again entered in debate after the beginning of the Government Chavez. The leadership leftist politics in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela had also helped to revive the idea of the integration of the Venezuelans. The country, great producer of oil, could fortify the block.

It could be to the block an interesting alternative, since Venezuela is an Andean country, Caribbean and Amazonian. Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela are not remained very friendly. Economically they do not carry through important agreements currently. To a species of cimes of Argentina in relation to Brazil and vice versa. The customs union is, in my opinion, more far than we can arrive, will not have bigger advances of what this. The South American are still very dependents of the foreign capital. To arrive at a compact block as the European union will be very difficult. What it is lacking to Brazil, to Argentina and Venezuela, is that they are joined all in favor of the South America for one, and does not stop masking local interests through a economic block that does not leave nor the paper.


September 26, 2012


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The social exclusion and the digital exclusion are mutually cause and consequence. The factors of the social exclusion deepen the digital exclusion and the digital exclusion contributes for the increase of the social exclusion (I LAND ON WATER, 2004). The social inaqualities are also marcante in the globalizado world: the rich countries usufruct the advantages of the Globalization and the poor countries face many problems to compete in a market economy dominated for most powerful. The poverty and the wealth in the interior of the countries also are visible: of a side, a privileged social group that consume what of better if it produces in the world, and, of another one, the citizens who live the exclusion and the lack of chances to survive worthy. We live in a full world of conflicts and contradictions. It is verified that the technological development is one of the main .causing factors of the social exclusion, therefore, a total antagonistic society as for the purchasing power of its population, makes with that the great majority unprovided of half to become ' ' technologically includa' ' , each excluded time in the work market becomes more, a time that this demands technological knowledge. It is this technological revolution that transformed an industrial mass of reserve of unemployeds into a proletarian mass incapable to vender its force of work in the world-wide market. For the technological inclusion, it has a consensus of that the only possible solution when if speaks in the subject of the technological exclusion would be programs of social and technological inclusion. The impact provoked for this advance technological, is not summarized only to the communication and the information, therefore with the shortening or inexistence of the borders, provoked by the Globalization of the medias, it leads to a new concept of real time, where the profits and losses are almost that instantaneous.

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