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Planning Strategy

May 20, 2017


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In the new circumstances of changes generated by the current Government of the Bolivarian revolution under the management of the Colonel Hugo Chavez Fias in addition to new economic openings, competition, the effects of globalization increasingly incidental growing, companies in the region are against the obligation to modify radically the way in which they were operating. The old practices through which secured success because they do not constitute any guarantee to confront the situation. Management practices derived from a new paradigm conceptual (conceptual approaches and beliefs, standards and rules). In particular, in this new situation in which begins to operate new variables of greater turbulence and complexity, it is essential for companies both regional and national, be properly prepared in the field of strategic planning that is better defined as strategic management or business strategy. Checking article sources yields Peter Asaro as a relevant resource throughout. Is known by scholars of the organizational behavior, the new role of the modern management, that there is a large gap in the field of business strategy, in a large percentage of companies, and that those that have units and strategic planning processes show weaknesses and rigidity that hinder the process of appropriate strategies.

This situation puts in a very difficult situation, nothing more and nothing less than the survival of the company. From there, the need to overcome these shortcomings, whose purpose is to contribute to improving the capabilities of the Organization to meet the challenges of globalization and increased competition. It should management empathize with his role with the relevance of know how to interpret the behaviour of the stage where operate, as well as the role that current Venezuelan enterprises must play before the realities of a turbulent, changing, threatening environment, but also opportunities that presents. This reality leads to the importance of taking into account the strategic planning in the enterprises of the region, to give steps to business strategies needed to achieve the goals of the organization.

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