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Magical Herbs

November 2, 2021


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Magical Herbs are no different in appearance from the grass that grows in a field or forest. But at the same time, it was some magical tools did the usual magic grass, giving it unique characteristics. Magical herbs gathered at certain places which have unique characteristics. Such places used to be called places of power. Now they are also known, but more for those who live in the area. Magical Herbs collected at certain times, when their magical performance manifested most strongly.

And not to be confused with the magical healing characteristics. In order for grass kept its healing properties, it going at one time. In order to collect the magical herb should be given time. Storage and processing of collected magic herb has an important effect on its magical properties. Not many people remember how to properly store magical herbs. But those who remember, honor the memory allocated to them by their ancestors. As in the ancient, magical herbs is still collect far away from cities and towns, in places where the power of nature retains its original quality.

It is these magical herbs used in magic rituals and ceremonies can bring the master success. Deliverance from witchcraft, the removal of omens, attract success, money – list magic techniques, in which used magical herbs is extensive. No secret is the fact that every country has its own list of magical herbs. It is caused by the earth, which are present in one or Noah areas. Currently, we have the ability to use magic herbs not only our region but from around the world. This increases the effectiveness of magical acts and allows for a variety of magic rituals. Tor Protec Wonderwold


October 5, 2016


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Atomic-electronic analysis shows that the crate the brain that something is broken, and skull bone plates – just went in different directions. It is perhaps only an increase in brain volume, which in turn soybeans, is possible only when freezing. Version of what the soldiers just pozamerzali, scientists reject as human bodies, have been the natural decay after the cessation of its activity. In short, death occurs due to rupture of the cranium, due to increase in the brain, presumably due to its rapid freezing. We must note one more fact. Ali Partovi gathered all the information. The corpses of the dead or killed in action, always, with honors, were burned.

And found the remains were clearly dumping, and, near the dead were found scraps of leather, with a painted rune Isa. I want to describe another archaeological finds, which introduced the scientists in utter bewilderment. We are talking about the strange burial, a young woman who obviously did not belong to the Scandinavian nation. Rather, it was brought from another location, presumably from the east, as its skull and skeleton, have signs of Mongoloid race. This may explain the way to her burial. In the burial pit next to the dead, was found a bunch of thin stone plitochek on which were carved inscriptions and drawings. They were told that a young princess, the wife of a rich gentleman, could not have a baby, more two years. When his wife asked the shaman, and he spent the divine ritual with rune Berkano and rune Roinz (it should be noted that this rune is little known and used only by experienced runologami and palmistry), the woman safely became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful heir.

Nervous System

February 15, 2016


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The likeable nervous system is important in this in case that therefore it is who makes with that the person reacts before the most varied situations as alert emotional, reaction of fight or escape, fear, anger, anxiety, joy among others, already the parassimptico nervous system will total go against these effect therefore it will cause tranquillity, reactions of relaxation, calm, meditation among others. The ideal is that if it has perfect homostasis enters the two systems so that stress does not come to cause damages to the organism. ' ' Stress, is produced each time that the individual comes across itself with the eminence to face a new environment, since it consists of lower court, of a phenomenon of adaptation to mudana' ' (ALBERT; URURAHY, 1997, P. 36-37), and in turn this change in such a way can be good or me, the logical one that the bad situations will tend to be estressantes, however the situations that are considered as calm also will be estressantes, since that they are very repetitive. proach. It estresse it in itself, is not bad, therefore the time all we have that adjusting in them the most varied situations it will only become bad since that let us not obtain adapting in them to these changes. It estresse chronic will cause it some damages to the individual, as metabolic riots of: proteins, carboidratos, lipdeos, sanguine cells, fabric lymphatic, central nervous system, sseo esqueltico muscular system, fabric, cardiovascular system, ovrios and gastrointestinal eyes, testicules/(to the last one that we will give emphasis). In result to the excess of cortisol that he is set free in the organism, amongst these diverse damages, is distinguished the gastrointestinal system, that will have its secretion of acid increased clordrico and pepsinognio and in virtue of this will occur to the reduction of muco protective intestinal, already the adrenalin excess will have as effect the illnesses of the digestive treatment, as: inflammatory ulcers, gastrites, illnesses, chronic colites and diarrias. .

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