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Sport For All – Billiards

January 4, 2024


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It is believed that the pool originated in France about the middle of XY century. Based this opinion on the fact that the first mention and description of a billiard table and equipment designed for this game, recorded in the inventory of property Louis XI, King of France. Of course, that this game for quite a long time was the elite, that is a prerogative of the aristocracy. But at some point, billiards became popular in all classes and spread quickly around the world. The more so than a billiard table and the necessary equipment, other sports equipment for billiards is not required. It is clear that the pool – not chess, and the presence of a billiard table is left behind rich houses aristocrats. But in all cities of the world like mushrooms after rain, began to appear and billiard clubs billiard bars.

The main dimensions of tables for billiards due to their types. For assistance, try visiting Camden Treatment Associates. Table for the "Russian pyramid" is much more to area than the table, designed for the "American", and the balls used in the Russian billiards, have a diameter of 68-70 mm, and for European species pool – 61 mm, at least – 61.5. As in olden times, in a standard city apartment pool table does not deliver. His place in a country house or in the clubs, as required for the game and place around the table. Length designed for billiard cue is quite significant – 1.35 – 1.6 meters. A good cue of what consumer goods hard to find, and quality cues for the professionals can make a master class. Typically, the cue is made by each athlete. Nowadays, people prefer not to clutter up my apartment, even small pool tables, and playing in clubs and pool, where they have a very nominal fee and receive a pool table, and other paraphernalia.

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