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Leadership Training With Horses

January 9, 2024


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Horses are a mirror of the own behavior – this fact allows as an assistant coach in leadership seminars to employ an efficient leadership training, in which the horse is the real coach or trainer horses is uniquely valuable because they provide continuous direct and unfiltered feedback on the actions of individual participants in the training. The social status, the clothing, the size, weight or other appearances are from the horse neither valued nor taken into account in any form. You respond to the properties that distinguish a good Executive or a good teamwork only mental presence, authenticity and sensitivity in the assertiveness -. Horses are herd animals and would rather “be carried” than to “do it yourself” – follow us but only then voluntarily when we reliably demonstrate all the characteristics, requires the horses to get really familiar join us and thus a promising Cooperation to allow. The importance of all these properties in the management of employees, or in the teamwork is thus deliberately made.

Horses communicate with each other through a clear body language, respect and trust – the signals of our body do not match our attitude and our desire, caused misunderstandings, which are clearly visible through the behavior of horses. The importance of non-verbal communication is made tangible. The experienced situations rise to basic analogies to the professional and also privacy, which make the partly unconscious processes significantly and thus create knowledge that can be used to then consciously. For the participation of the most offered seminars need no knowledge in dealing with horses. It is not being ridden! Also riding apparel is not important. Fixed, closed shoes and weather casual wear, which may be dirty, are sufficient. Horse riding or horse experience have no bevorteilenden influence on seminar events – horses get every man exactly where it is… Find more information on the subject of “The horse as a coach and trainer” in the network under Brigitta Wackerl, D-Mittenwald

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