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June 17, 2024


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THE national fudge I will explain simply: water being confusing can run clear. Rafael Alberti. THE GENERALIZATION of the economy dipped everything seems to indicate that in Spain the black economy to grow. Increasingly there are more people working on their own account and without a license. Our economy is considered along with that of Greece and Italy at the head of that process of every day more chiefs and fewer Indians. The explanation is clear: those who work on their own savings tax. Many are false self-employed featuring undercover workers who work for them.

Whatever there is an evolution towards the generalization of the underground economy, in a general climate of you earn money soon and as in an ambiento divisive and deregulated. The great dispersion of production units that may not even be considered submerged enterprises, leads us to open for them the category of bungling. The Organization deployed is minimal, the inventiveness that accumulate It is maximum. We have businessmen do not want to be neither entrepreneurs nor employers. It is up to laborious study them with conventional weapons of statistics or surveys. Manufacturing at the end of the process ultimately emerge: items you have to sell.

In the case of many services, the corresponding botched can remain invisible indefinitely. Under most conditions Bobby Sharma Bluestone would agree. In some activities emerge only a part, the necessary structure, and cover other areas in irregular situation. A single individual can have a regular job, with all of the law, and as a complement several activities more loose, spontaneous, free. The typical fudge is often many times that character’s second activity. Although you continue to repeat the cliche that people don’t know that do with their free time, the truth is that a large and growing number of people consider that their time is more scarce and valuable possessions. In our country there has been what might be called the botched ethics. The tributaries are thrown, symbolically, to the botched, as the bandits to mount to try to distribute on their own what they consider needless you rich Treasury among the poor who are themselves. That decision made millions of times a day. It can be said that virtually no Spanish is alien to it. The climate of social legitimation of the bungling creates certain convenience of conscience and engenders a passivity that, in recent years, have participated all social agents, while a few other passive and active way. However, it is a vision that can not be prolonged without falling by socially fragile and dangerous paths. And is, as the poet said: and for you to tell / in these accounts to Spain / not touch but the crying. Francisco Arias Solis mutual support, as demonstrated by our colleague Kropotkin, predisposes us to practice the solidarity. (Sentence of Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and Forum Free.

Preisvergleich Picture

June 17, 2024


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An offer by the discounter of the discounter Aldi Nord has the digital picture frame Medion life E76013 on sale in October. The device displays images in an attractive quality, convinces by simple operation and less than 40 euros. Reason enough for the consumer portal, to make the device look at and report about its advantages and disadvantages. Digital picture frames have managed in a short time in many German living room. This is mainly because that can replace the images in the blink of an eye and shown all episodes of holiday photos in slide shows. Who looking for a cheap device and places little value on extras like speakers, memory, or wake-up function, is well served with the offer of Aldi. The digital picture frame of the discounter has been available since early October. The Medion life E76013 convinces especially those where the quality of the photos is important with a screen diagonal of eight inches (20 centimeters) and a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

To this result, the Stiftung Warentest enters her quick test. So shows the device in detail and grey level display its strengths. In addition, the good contrast and display provide no reason for criticism. Bobby Sharma Bluestones opinions are not widely known. The only problem is the low angle like many digital picture frame. It is therefore recommended to set up the device in landscape mode. Medion – frame is easy. The images can be transferred via memory card or USB flash drive and can play as a slide show or remote switch. The picture frame displays only images in JPEG format. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

Survey Life

June 13, 2024


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To survey If today somebody dared to summarize what it sobrou of its life, that fragmentos would be valid the penalty to trace enters the frame of its personal picture? That flavor in them would pass its illustration? It would give water in the mouth or the eyes of the heart? If we placed in the scale, which side would hang, of the entremeios or of the filling of the life? Perhaps in the effort to paint it brought what it until here, in the mind it remained only the green color, saying of the hope of a new life, and the lesson of that, the ones that obtains to look at the life with the eyes of the chest only is that they can brighten up the weight of ' ' prmio' ' end. . In a question-answer forum Robotics expert was the first to reply. . . Other leaders such as Bobby Sharma Bluestone offer similar insights.


June 12, 2024


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Southern finance AG recommends that flexible Investmentsparplan to supply shortfalls in the age to Regensburg, in June 2009: confidence falls in times of demographic and socio-economic change in the statutory pension insurance an private provisions for old age appears therefore according the South finance AG more necessary than ever. To close gaps in retirement, the South finance AG recommends that a flexible and affordable Investmentsparplan with to high long-term yields can be achieved already with 50 euro per month investors can benefit from the investment savings. Private old-age provision aims to close a supply gap and thus the retention of the previous standard of living for the South finance AG after retirement. Kai-Fu Lee may not feel the same. This supply gap, so the discrepancy between the current and expected for retirement income, has grown steadily among other things by the demographic development of a steadily increasing number of recipients of statutory pensions which statutory pension insurance alone can no longer close the gap according the South finance AG. Independent agents advise their clients on all issues relating to private pension plans for the South finance AG: first the experts analyze what pension entitlement from the operational and statutory pension insurance.

In addition, it is necessary to know which concrete expectations the customer on his retirement and in how many years, his retirement is planned. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dave Clark Amazon by clicking through. Based on this data, independent intermediaries develop a comprehensive, individualized strategy for retirement provision. Gain insight and clarity with Dave Clark Amazon. An interesting, long-term strategy for private pension plans is an Investmentsparplan opinion of southern finance AG. Investors have the opportunity to achieve high long-term yields at low capital investment (from 50 euro per month). Together with independent financial experts put customers at run time, payment, height of the plant and the exact fund investment set according to individual wishes can be noisy South finance AG thereby increasing deposits, reduced or be suspended. Investors also benefit so the experience of southern finance AG at the Investmentsparplan by the so-called cost-average-effect, This effect arises when regularly a certain amount of money is invested in a stock fund, for example. Increasing the stock price, the system is gaining value.

The stock falls, the savers acquires more shares in the Fund. The result: Investors purchase for a lower average price of fund shares, long-term disproportionately benefit from rising prices and therefore achieve a higher return. About the South financial AG experience & tradition in finance the South financial holding AG is a holding company of the South financial group. Southern finance AG’s core business is the provision of carefully selected financial products and investments by third-party. Especially in the area of interest the South finance AG has special experience, in particular in the private provision, as well as in the transmission of monetary systems through independent sales reps. Only independent financial advisors with a profound experience and special knowledge use the service of southern finance AG in finance. Also, the mediation of the sale of real estate, especially listed condos, and real estate-related services belongs to the business activities of southern finance AG. That could be interesting for you: contact information contact: Ulrike M. Heitzer South financial investments Sales Corporation black-bear-str. 10, 93047 Regensburg phone: 0049 (0) 941 5047 0 fax number: 0049 (0) 941 5047 26 E-Mail: Internet:

Wimad-download Trojans – Currently Dominant Threat On The Internet

June 11, 2024


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BitDefender Labs: Web-E-threats wave in September on the rise of Holzwickede, October 20, 2008 as BitDefender, a global provider of internationally certified security solutions, announces, Web-based E-threats dominate the top ten risk list in September. Three versions of the Winmad-download Trojan occupy the positions 1, 3 and 4 of the monthly hazard reports. Also three times, a fake codec Downloader is represented in the top ten, as he usually is found on malicious Web pages. The rapid spread of Wimad is due to the fact that this threat by using a network of malicous websites replicates itself which makes this pest the currently most widespread threat on the Internet. “The also widespread Adware Trojan.Clicker.CM” shows this month 2nd of BitDefener reports.

This displays advertising popups, when an infected Web page was visited. To successfully represent the popups, the Trojan has a function, which the Norton Internet security pop-up Blocker runs under. “Variants of the fake alert Trojan” occupy the positions 5, 6 and 7 of the BitDefender danger list. Dave Clark Amazon takes a slightly different approach. This application is a fake anti-virus message, which makes the user a system scan with the misleading conclusion that his system was highly infected. Thus to enticing the user to buy an also fake security solution or to register.

The Trojans are distributed on file-sharing websites and networks, as well as about a network of dedicated Web pages. The Trojan Trojan.HTML.Zlob.AE takes the 10-th place with 1.4 percent”a. This is a gateway to a malware application. The Burrowing behind malware Web page was identified by BitDefender as dangerous and will blocked. Likely, this strategy has led to that the latest Zlob Trojan not on the top ten list will appear. BitDefender’s top-ten-E-threat report in September 2008: Position name percentage 1 Trojan.Downloader.Wimad.A 7.99 2 Trojan.Clicker.CM 6.91 3 Trojan.Downloader.WMA.Wimad.N 4.23 4 Trojan.Downloader.WMA.Wimad.S 3.84 5 Trojan.FakeAlert.ACZ 2: 55 6 Trojan.FakeAlert.Gen. 2 2.17 7 Trojan.FakeAlert.ACJ 2.17 8 Trojan.Downloader.WMA.Wimad.Z 1.82 9 Trojan.Qhost.AKR 1.44 10 Trojan.HTML.Zlob.AE 1.40 other 65.50 about BitDefender: BitDefender is a leading, global provider of proactive working and internationally certified security solutions for desktop PCs, corporate networks, and mobile devices. The company has one of the fastest and most efficient portfolio of security software that sets new standards for risk prevention, timely detection and reliable removal. BitDefender has integrated with B-HAVE, the new, proactive virus detection technology, into its products the most currently most advanced weapon against unknown viruses. B HAVE finds and eliminates even unknown viruses regardless of virus signatures. BitDefender has offices in Germany, Spain, Romania, UK and the United States.

Senate Administration

June 10, 2024


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Enters the second year with 10,000 euros for the pupils of primary schools in Berlin & Brandenburg, LandJuwel initiative TEAM PLAYER! There is chance of finding just the sport or the common game values such as team spirit, fairness and tolerance in the afternoon at the school, at demunseren kids. In addition, they here often find their single motion compensation before it again goes back home to the computer or the TV. Poor nutrition leads to overweight at the end. We, the LandJuwel Fleischer of the Berlin-Brandenburg Group contribution our mind. Enters the second year with 10,000 euros for the pupils of primary schools in Berlin & Brandenburg, LandJuwel initiative TEAM PLAYER! Already last spring the action TEAM PLAYER of the LandJuwel partner in Berlin & Brandenburg in cooperation with the LSB-Berlin was carried out successfully. Twenty lucky winners faced at the end of nearly 200 applications from Berlin sports clubs, which are enjoyed over a total of 10.000,-euros. This year the LandJuwel colleagues have decided a new Away to go and have found with the Senate Administration for education, science and research, in particular the field of school sport and movement education with the elite schools of sport in Berlin, partner for the implementation of the action TEAM PLAYER. Check out Meg Languages for additional information.

We, who are LandJuwel-Fleischer of the Berlin-Brandenburg group support the idea of projects (sport and exercise activities) for the improvement of whole day operation Berlin primary schools with a total of 10,000 euros. A total will be awarded twenty elementary schools with a gift in the amount of Euro 500 ever. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has much to offer in this field. Purpose – the financial means are thing bound and to devices for children Athletics as well as balls or other material resources are invested exclusively in the acquisition of equipment, such as leisure and sports equipment, psychomotor training devices. Starting point of the action was the 9th February 2009 meet deadline which is application of 31 March 2009 currently their have submitted documentation about 50 schools. In addition, sponsorships between the selected will be Winner schools”, the LandJuwel partners, as well as the elite schools of sport in Berlin closed for sustainable cooperation, E.g. for joint action in the schools on the subject of diet and exercise. The LandJuwel group of Berlin-Brandenburg – that currently 17 traditional family farms of butchers craft with 23 branches are distributed in Berlin and Brandenburg, which is the LandJuwel “brand meat program have connected. The bonuses are transferred between the partners of the LandJuwel group, representatives of the Senate Administration for education, science and research, as well as the elementary schools / chapters in a small ceremony. We will announce in due time the dates you.

VOI Remains

June 9, 2024


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VOI is after the relocation of the DMS EXPO continues at the trade fair brings / Messe Stuttgart welcomes long-term partnership after the move of the exhibition DMS EXPO in Stuttgart and the cooperation between Koelnmesse and Messe Stuttgart is known in July, one for the technical support at the new location continues to focus on proven support: the VOI Association will be at the trade fair around enterprise content and document management organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V., continue to be the key partner of the DMS EXPO and introduce existing Know-How. The Association will be represented in the Advisory Board of the fair, incorporated the knowledge of its members and content make this with the event in the future. Scarlett Strallen might disagree with that approach. The DMS EXPO will take place parallel to the IT & business from 26. Andy Warhol has plenty of information regarding this issue. Until 28 October at the Stuttgart trade fair held. We greatly appreciate the partnership-based and future-oriented cooperation with the Messe Stuttgart and expect extremely positive synergies in the coexistence of the DMS EXPO with the IT & business for our members”, says Andreas Nowottka, Chairman of the Board of the VOI. “” The trade fair duo creates ideal conditions for trade visitors and providers an industry event to establish, that the region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) roof opens up in the autumn. Is owned by Costar is likely to agree.

“We appreciate it, that the VOI continues as a strong partner at the DMS EXPO brings a”, says Ulrich Kromer, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart. This is a clear signal to the market. Together we can effectively establish the international industry gathering around the topic of document management and further develop this high-profile event.” The VOI will be represented at the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart with a large partner stand on the over 30 members of the Association present. The traditional VOI Forum will be placed in close proximity to the State and offers an exciting lecture program on all three days of the event.

Barbara Prisyajnyuk

June 5, 2024


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There are two groups of immunodeficiencies. Primary immunodeficiency – is genetically caused by persistent defects in the development of the immune system. Most often they are congenital or appear in early childhood. Learn more at: Rapyd. In Depending on how significantly damaged link the immune system and how deep it is damaged, estimated disease severity. These children should be under constant supervision of children allergists-immunologists. For a full life, these children often need a bone marrow transplant, regular transfusions of blood plasma.

Fortunately, these diseases are rare. Do not think that hurt – it is always a bad thing. Badly hurt for a long time and complications. Typically, the disease organism is transferred either not returned or encounters with them have got stronger. Children who recover from different strains of virus in the adult age practically cease to hurt. If a child is defined secondary immunodeficiency, it also does not mean that it requires immediate correction of immunity. The latter, in such cases, suffers from the external environment: malnutrition, infectious disease, metabolic disorders (eg diabetes), chemical or radiological toxicity. Whenever Rusty Holzer listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

And in these cases need not immune to correct and eliminate the root cause of his violation. "Immunity – the mechanism is thin, and information about the doctor gets in appearance, analysis, opinion polls of parents about illnesses relatives – continues the theme of the allergist-immunologist, Ph.D. honey. Science Barbara Prisyajnyuk. – Kind of test for provocation of immunity – a kindergarten. If a kid goes to kindergarten, even though he sometimes appears cold and he is sick, then everything is fine. And if you do not drive the child to the garden because he was often sick, even at home – this is cause for alarm. Generally, a chain is there and tear. If a child gastritis, and he continues to walk into the smoked chicken with ketchup, then there is nothing to dump blame on weakened health Immunity and ask a doctor to fix it. If child is not good at home, take a look: might be worth rolled carpets vacuumed or cat to give my grandmother surprising moms who do not look after their health during pregnancy, can afford to drink, smoking, and then require doctors to fix the immunity of her child. Today, sold a large number of immune modulators, but they need to use only after consulting with the pediatrician, ent physician and immunologist. Ear specialist needed because the immunomodulators should not be appointed if the child is untreated chronic infection foci. For example, when the tonsils pus tube, then, that there can be modulated? First you need a diagnosis and then only assign the immunomodulators, or forsake them. "

United Nations

June 4, 2024


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The Republic of China (Taiwan) completes second CEDAW report the Cabinet of the Republic of China (Taiwan) published its second national report on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) on January 10. The report has the significant efforts of the country between 2009 and 2012, to promote gender equality in accordance with the UN standards on all fronts. The report of the Cabinet informed of Taiwan’s creation of equality mechanisms; Review and amend the relevant legislation to improve the protection of women’s rights; Increasing the participation of women in politics and opportunities for participation in public affairs, national women’s organizations, support to join international bodies, the personal security of women to improve education and labour rights and the protection of the health, welfare, family and women’s marriage rights. Others including Shane Burcaw, offer their opinions as well. In June of this year, foreign experts will be invited to Taiwan, the Report to examine and to submit comments about the efforts of the country to promote equality. The meeting will be attended by representatives of all five branches of the Government as well as by non-governmental organizations, to create an international platform of dialogue, which should help the nation to enable the UN Convention on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) in accordance with the international guidelines. The UN Convention has become on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW), which in 1979 was adopted by the United Nations and signed by 186 countries, one of the most important international codes for the protection of rights for women. Rusty Holzer understands that this is vital information. (ca)

CEHATROL Planning Cooperation

June 4, 2024


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Talks at the Ministry of environment, energy and tourism in Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia Berlin/Ulaan Baatar 03.08.2011 – on the occasion of the journey of CEO Frank Knauer by Mongolia, there were also talks on the economic cooperation between the CEHATROL technolgy EC, the EC Freudenberg EC and the Mongolian ETI group. Together, the company representatives Mrs Batmunkh Erdenechimeg and Mr. Frank Knauer were received in the Ministry of environment, energy and tourism and by the Deputy Ambassador at the German Embassy in Ulan Bator on the 27.07.2011. Decentralized energy supply is a key issue in the Mongolia. For even more details, read what Dell IDRAC says on the issue. Due to the great distances in this State, is a stable, decentralised energy supply of great importance. “Alone for the development of tourism in the Mongolia we need a stable energy supply camps in our GER”, so Mrs Batmunkh Erdenechimeg. “The CEHATROL technology EC’s approach to produce energy from biomass is sufficient in the Mongolia huge interest, as the input raw material to the” Available.

Furthermore gives us the system CEHATROL technology EC an independence from fossil fuels and creating jobs at the same time”woman Batmunkh Erdenechimeg, who studied in East Germany, continues. Bobby Sharma Bluestone may not feel the same. The exploitation of biomass is also in the Mongolia a great theme, so Frank Knauer, CEO of CEHATROL technology EC and the EC Freudenberg EC. Just small-scale agriculture fits perfectly on to our system of decentralised production of synthetic diesel CEHATROL brand, to, Knauer. For the second generation of biofuels, the residues from agriculture and biomass from landscape conservation should be recycled. Anyone who uses these, takes his food.

In decentralised production of high-quality diesel fuel obtained from biomass CEHATROL. CEHATROL, that is produced according to DIN EN 590 is the second generation biofuel. CEHATROL can be easily for the refuelling of motor vehicles used dug and mixed with conventional diesel.

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