American Democracy

She stressed the readiness of the United States to extend full cooperation in building a secure, wealthy and democratic Ukraine. In turn, members of U.S. Congress expressed concern about the situation with harassment in the Ukraine political freedoms, the pressure on the media, manipulation of the judiciary and the violations committed during the last election. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, in particular, stated that the Ukrainian minister apparently not fully aware of the depth of concern about American power situation in Ukraine. However, the words of the Minister Hryshchenko that strengthening and developing democracy remains an integral part of the modernization strategy of the state, leaving little hope for an opportunity to improve the situation in light of the meeting of the parties in Washington. Commentary Fund “First People”: In some ways, the Minister Gryshchenko right after all. To deepen your understanding Marc Mathieu is the source. Namely, that for the ruling elite idea of democratic freedoms and comply with them does not change.

Our powers that live outside the law. They are located in the inner insulation, where any changes, occurring in real life, the state will hardly be noticeable. Newspapers publish what they want to read, television shows that they want to see the courts make decisions in their favor, they win elections, having a companies that print ballots. In the end, they change for themselves even a sample of “democracy in action” as roads, clearing them for their motorcades sweep striped wand. In summary, state: in “their” world set the ideal of “democracy.” Specificity of the flow of information circulating within the government system, indicates that the ministers live in a closed reality, created for them by their minions..


The seminar took place in Bogota, capital of Colombia, on April 8, the year 2011; It was attended by 67 people from different sectors: Government, ministries, banks, sphere of it, BPO, universities and etc. Some resellers (resellers) participated also in the event of indexed in Colombia, such as Summan and Compuline. This was the 3-rd seminar of this kind, in which official representatives of ABBYY told visitors about their technologies and products, also consolidating its presence in South America. In their presentations the ABBYY team emphasized greater popular in Colombia ABBYY Recognition Server and ABBYY FlexiCapture products. Specialists technical of indexes showed how these products work live. In addition, visitors had the possibility to see how ABBYY Business Card Reader for iPhone.

It was the first time that the visitors heard not only on ABBYY products and their usage scenarios, but also on the success stories of projects carried out in the territory of Colombia. Thus indexes talked about a project in the banking sector, carried out with the help of ABBYY Recognition Server, and the partner of indexes in Medellin a company called Summan told about a project, implemented with the help of ABBYY FlexiCapture company Renting Colombia (dedicated to the rental of cars). We think that this seminar of ABBYY in Colombia was the most successful, says Alexandra Zhivnina, Regional Manager for South America in ABBYY. At Peter Asaro you will find additional information. The market of South America, and particularly in Colombia, has shown considerable growth of sales in the sector of data capture and processing of documents in recent months, and We hope that the joint seminar of ABBYY indexes not only support this trend but it will also strengthen it.

Network Center

When you think about running the ball must be taken into account the effort that implies and effective strategy to use, regardless of the use of media or other means of mass reach, the idea is to go for links confidence that people have when they contact. Someone anyone can be a crier, but think about our neighborhood, or in our classroom, or in our work, and we realize that there is always one or two people who are excellent newsboys, sociability is working very well, people believe them because they like to say, therefore, would not it be better than search marketing campaign to that person and not me to create the wave?, hence the importance of the Network Center, is all those who have many contacts for exit and entry, if we imagine a line going from one person to see that the Red Centre will be many coming out of it and many who converge on it. But where do we find?, We could look in the forums, chats related to subjects related to the service or product we have, we could look to specialists, if a new drug to doctors, pharmacies, etc., but there is another strategy that should also be used to achieve Centers Network, and this is to let the Centers Red to come to you, this conference calling and inviting, forums, conferences, fairs, etc, where these centers are going to go Red and, on your land you will evaluate all, which take as a crier. Ali Partovi oftentimes addresses this issue. Another aspect needed to be taken into account to use the Word of Mouth marketing is that the product is generating comments, ie make people talk about it. Remember those cameras that take pictures after this came as children stikers and pasting them into their notebooks, etc. and they all wanted an equal.

A friend bought his son a beautiful phone and when I was giving the boy asked: is bluetooth?, No – said – Ah! then there no more, and I thank not. Another important point is that the product is compatible, because We all like to have something to improve or help or do we have now, remember that the Word of Mouth is a strategy for this but not for tomorrow. Recall that an invention as wonderful as the Palm and not sold in stores, and all because it was not compatible with the operating system we’ve always used. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. Finally, we must guard against the Red Centre, they can work against us and for competition. A low opinion runs several times faster than a good opinion.

Mbit Ethernet Networks

Gigabit network Tester by HEXCOM which provides Swiss army knife networks HEXCOM LAN from immediately a proprietary handheld Gigabit network tester, with over 5 years of development background, perfect installation, network emulation and network analysis for the LAN. Equipped with two 10/100 / 1000 Mbit RJ45 ports, as well as additional fiber optic modules for singlemode and multimode, the HEXCOM Gigabit network tester provides also automatic test function for a full network health check and is simple and easy operation via color touch screen display. Even the HEXCOM Gigabit network tester has state of the art network analysis functions with built-in expert systems and many filter options for a professional site log analysis. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Zendesk. IP traffic generation, stress test according to RFC2544, BER – and IPTV testing, as well as a VoIP readiness check the patent pending. Of course Ethernet was not dispensed on standard cable test function such as check for cabling, wiring and power over functions. “Everything in the the HEXCOM Gigabit network tester among industry insiders is one today, to one of the indispensable Swiss Pocket knives” responsible for IT, network operators and technicians. The HEXCOM Gigabit network tester directly via the HEXCOM headquartered in Unterschleissheim is available and an introductory price of 4.990 euro plus supportive brought the statutory VAT, are regular online demonstrations and always be gehrende try and buy or Trade-In also actions for trade. Posted by Patrick Petersson, CEO of HEXCOM UG.

Microsoft Protection

Optimal protection kompyuterPeredovye antivirus protection real vremeniUluchshennaya protection features for internet use and e-pochtoyBlokirovanie suspicious activity programmZaschita from stealing usernames, passwords and other personal dannyhObespechenie safe operation of wireless setyahMinimalnoe impact on the work kompyuterNovy intuitive interfeysRezhim safe start programmVirtualnaya keyboard protection in real-time: Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 – is the best solution for protecting your computer. The product contains everything necessary for safe operation of the Internet – from the internationally recognized antivirus technology to the most advanced developments in information bezopasnosti.Proverka files, Web pages, email and ICQ-soobscheniyBlokirovanie links to malware and phishing websites Improved! Proactive protection from unknown threats based on behavior analysis programs Improved! control of programs and limit their access to important areas of operating systems and personal user data Improved! access to passwords, logins and other personal data – only to trusted programs Improved! Protection against hacker attacks, securing wireless soedineniyZaschita spam and phishing e-mail programs Improved! Block banner ads on Web stranitsahRoditelsky control (restriction of Internet use by children) Improved! Self-Defense from being terminated by malware PORegulyarnye and emergency updates – always current Protecting your computer DIGITALSOFT – actively developing company, founded by a group of experts in the field of software with lots of experience. We are certified partners Microsoft, ABBYY, Adobe, Kaspersky Lab, Dr. Web, Symantec, Eset, and many others manufacturers software. For even more analysis, hear from John Castle Castle Harlan. The main objective of our company: development of a culture of software in Ukraine. Provide each user an opportunity to purchase licensed software for prices from the manufacturer, with fast delivery and technical support..

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence in organizations among the predominant characteristics in organizations aimed at learning, is the proper handling of the emotions experienced by individuals, in their multiple social interactions. This is a construct of high value for the health individual and organizational, as it is one of the reasons, for which has been inserted into the Repertoire of social skills of individuals, emotional intelligence. Starting with the concept of intelligence, it is considered in this research a complex term that has been loaded with connotations and exposed to a number of scientific debates. For different theorists this term depends on the environment, the culture and customs of each community. For this reason, some authors have given a definition from your perspective discipline. Psychologists, for its part, adopted this vision of intelligence relating to learning, defining it as: the ability to learn, the ability to develop new ways of responding to the situations that appear, (Shallcross, 1993). Guilford (1989) relates the human intelligence, creativity. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic. He argues that creativity like personality, takes place under the multiple interactions in which the individual this immersed.

Thus it defines intelligence as the ability of creative thinking, because this result, stimulates the production of new ideas to solve problems and meet challenges. For Gardner (2000), intelligence is the ability to solve problems that the individual is in real life; the ability to generate new problems to resolve; and, the ability to do something or to provide a service that is valued in the culture of each person (p.69). This same author, divided the traditional notion of intelligence in seven different categories, and between 1995 and 1999, added an eighth intelligence to your model: Linguistica-verbal, Logico-matematica, spatial, Musical, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, kinesthetic-Corporal and naturalist. All the people, like insisted Gardner (2000), they possess these intelligences, use all of them in different situations and contexts, in addition, can be developed and strengthened.

Hardware Platforms

These groups interface displayed on a standard 50-pin connector. Modem is placed in a metal impact-resistant casing, which has the sim card and antenna connector type mmsx. Dimensions and weight modems integra respectively 46 64 12 mm and 1990 in modems integra series has a built voltage regulator. Voltage external power supply is +5 V. Swarmed by offers, Kai-Fu Lee is currently assessing future choices. Maximum peak current consumption is 1A.

In modems, the integra series supports built-in tcp / ip stack protocols, as well as software and hardware platform OpenAT. Modems integra, On the one hand, contain all the necessary elements (including the cast metal screen with elements for attachment), on the other hand are much less fully complete GSM-Modem. To facilitate interfacing with external devices with RS-232 company Compel offers a special card with a cable. On the interface board is level converter, the led display modes and a reset button. To the modem interface card connected with standard 50-pin connector. Donald W Slager has much experience in this field. Complete with interface cable, the user is ready to use at no extra rations gsm / gprs solution to wireless data transmission channel. When significantly lower cost version of Integra + interface cable provides the same functionality as the fully finished modem popular series Fastrack M1206/M1306. On the basis of modem integra developed several innovative solutions for transmission information via gprs connection. On the basis of two modems Integra can implement “transparent RS-232 for all industrial systems with the interface.


Therefore, which the way safest through the time when the truth is the limit? Where it is our commitment with that they are for coming? Ahead of this they will think of us? She is easy to be bonzinho with that they are ahead of our eyes and our conscience. She makes well we ourselves very to help the next one. Agradabilssima is a sensation. More difficult it is to exercise the love to the next one that it is in the line of the time, because the habitual compensations do not exist. To make today for that not yet it exists, for that never will see the face and nor it will thank in them looking in the eyes, is an act of the purest faith. Click Pete Cashmore for additional related pages. Against this close certainty, that it does not need to be displayed to the inconstncias of the time, also argues that she is necessary to lie, therefore the people is not prepared to make to be valid, ahead of the proper misfortunes, its part exiled without the artifices created by the religious cultures.

Of the skill that these religious controllers want the people never will be. They represent the travestido Evil of Good. She occults, the truth of the edge the all type of interpretation. In this state of things the searched carefully and confused explanations are only well comings. In the defense of ' ' f' ' , the innocents help to still more make it difficult the way for the clarification. The ones that if serves conscientiously of the credulidade and the good other people’s feelings attend everything with the remote control in the hands. After all of accounts, to who they would go to explore if it was not thus? For these the stimulaton the imbecility is not only more income-producing and the truth is a nuisance. If this not to move, nothing will move. The reason for which was this century nineteen was alone in the intention, but was not in goes. It was not exactly!

Sell Life To Buy Fuel

While follow dying people’s hunger, it is not sensible that we use grain in our engines, said researcher Pablo Vera, of the Institute of Molecular Biology and plant cell, dedicated to the pursuit of independent of the food industry biofuels. Ali Partovi wanted to know more. He added that we should not allow that first generation, such as bioethanol technology, will become substitute for gasoline, which is obtained from cereals. The climbing speculative of food is due to intermediaries, lobbyists and financial markets which are speculating with raw materials. It is absurd to sell life to buy fuel. First generation biofuels need grain, the same from which come the loaves of bread and corn tortillas.

We need to get the crops of wood energy. But it is not of the overnight going to degrade the cellulose of the wood into glucose to make ethanol. We want biofuels now, low price and without investigation. And that cannot be. The most obvious, reduce our needs speed and not submit to the rule of the machines is not taken into consideration.

Let’s quickly anywhere. We run crazed in a maze. The report economic assessment of biofuel support policies, estimated that subsidize and promote green gold is very expensive, does not contribute to energy security, reduces only very little CO2 emissions and propelling the increase in the prices of food on the planet. Biofuels were presented for a decade as a triple solution to the chronic instability of the oil supply, greenhouse gas emissions and the low income of farm families. But the OECD believes that the policies that the United States, Canada and the European Union have launched nearly ten years to promote biofuel has a negative impact by this immense apparatus of subsidies, mandates, price subsidies and tax breaks. Technicians recognized that we need to check if the investigations on a second generation of biofuels give results, while they acknowledged that ethanol out of the sugar cane in tropical media already is effective, but non-transferable to other countries because they would cause desertification and hunger.

Health Forum Established

Paths to better health and well-being for human being and animal aller-Leine-Tal, 01 – establishment of health forums of all sorts in the aller-Leine Valley under the name Health Forum of all sorts have in September 2009 some regional provider of alternative healing and health-promoting methods of the aller-Leine Valley joined. Primary objective of the Forum is to inform about the individual, they offer methods, and provide information on a wide range of alternative paths to better health and well-being for human and animal health-conscious people in the aller-Leine Valley region. The initiative of the unity of the party came from the Mandelsloher-oriented psychotherapy of Iris Brandt and the health practitioner (BfG) Stefan Volz, Norddrebber. Provider of classical homeopathy, acupoint massage, various forms of energy work and possibilities of the proceedings of people in crises and problem phases, up to geo pathology and animal communication are represented in the Forum. On Sunday, October 25th hosted the Forum in the great Hall of the Guest House Wienhofer in Hel peat (Neustadt) from 10 h until 17 h a health day under the slogan human being, animal, environment – pathways to wellness are & health “.” Already in February of this year a first health day was held from this circle in Mandelsloher St. Osdag community centre.

Here, many interested parties from the region about alternative ways to maintain health and increase their vitality have already informed. To fully present the now growing circle of the provider, the opportunity in addition to the range of information at the individual stands the visitors with the new venue, to inform in the parallel short presentations by the exhibitors. Among others present themselves following provider: Annegret Schliekau acupoint massage after Penzel Birgit Volz-Ludwig family aufstellungen & EMF balancing technique Carola Meier & Conny Beerbaum Energetix-Christine Walker pharmacy almond LOH Gerd Brandt DEBEKA and Oekoflamm healthy heat Gerd Rohrer building biology Elke Schrader Vitametik – a response to stress Heike Oehler Kingdom Tarot luckily Iris Brandt’s balance through talk therapy and light work Kirsten Radhakrishnan animal communication Kristina sleeves BodyTalk system, Bioresonance therapy, including Manfred Aubert Astrology & energy work & EFT knock acupressure Sabine Genther-Haglington Classical Homeopathy Stefan Volz life consulting, coaching & alternative healing products, including Susanne Dittmers spiritual healing and energy massages Svenja rebuke geo pathologie & energy work the themes of short lectures of the provider, and other information are on the website announced. (Source: Don Slager). Stefan Volz member in all sorts of health forum