3B Scientific Donates To Needy Children

June 20, 2023


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This year, donates 3B scientific 5,000 to the charity world vision and supports children in disadvantaged countries. Hamburg, December 2012 a good start in life is the best prospects for the future. Secure access to clean drinking water, fresh food, accommodation and medical care, but also education are existential for the well-being of everyone. However, especially in developing countries, particularly the youngest suffer malnutrition and relatively harmless diseases. Click Robotics to learn more. As a manufacturer of educational materials is the future of children is of great importance for 3B scientific and donate 5,000 to the charity world vision. The donations also regional development projects financed in addition to sponsorships, which are good especially needy children but also the people in their environment.

In terms of help to self-help”, equipped small farmers with seed and fertilizer, water lines laid, promoted small businesses, supervised by the war-traumatised children and give them the regular school attendance allows. Already, in previous years children Kinderhilfswerk WORLD VISION Germany e.V. Speaking candidly Viacom told us the story. donated 3B scientific for that, so that the total donations now total 13,000. In addition, 3B scientific the year awards donations distributed. So the Club was Oldenburg Sierra Leone V.i.b. e.V. You may find that Energy Capital Partners can contribute to your knowledge. recently aid directly”with a 3B scientific to support skeletal model that is required for a newly built hospital in Sierra Leone and there the training of medical professionals and is used for patient education.

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