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April 18, 2023


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Credit score is a mark which determines whether a borrower can be offered mortgages, loans and even insurance policy. London, London United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 17, 2011 – this is so applied to decide if a person can be accepted as a tenant or if he is eligible for securing a credit card. A person with a credit score below 580 marks is not entertained by the lending/insurance agencies or by the landlords. The citizen of United Kingdom has the right to free credit score check. The lending/insurance agencies and the land Lords derive the credit score of a person from his credit report which is again prepared by the credit Bureau. Equifax, Experian and Trans Union are the most prominent credit Bureau.

They prepare the credit report of a person separately on the basis of his financial transactions and his personal details. One should secure one’s credit report from them for free credit score check. When a person is refused by the landlords or by the insurance/credit credit agencies on the ground that his score is not 6, he should get his credit report. Sometimes, credit reports contain several mistakes, mistakes made by the staff of the credit Bureau. They enter wrong data while picking them from the original documents.

They do not remove the written off or paid off accounts. Sometimes, names of different persons are so close that the credit Bureau’s staff, while creating the credit report of a person use accounts of a different person. These mistakes lead to a wrong result and credit report of a person of concept wrong impression. This is why free credit score check is very necessary. The person should go through details of his credit report, and he should be convinced that there are no mistakes in his credit report. If he finds mistakes in his credit report, he must inform the credit bureaus what mistakes they have made while creating his credit report. The Finance Bureau of will correct the errors immediately and they give him a corrected version of the credit report. They are legally obliged to send corrected credit report same to the lending/insurance version of the agencies and to the landlords who have refused application of this person for the last six months. It may happen that the person wants to find no errors in his credit report. Hey take to steps to improve his credit score and decide When again he can approach the lenders or others. On the strength of the fair credit report Act, he has the right to secure a free copy of his credit report from the Finance Bureau of once in a year. It is thus possible for him to go for free credit score check to understand his actual financial status.

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