January 27, 2024


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In a previous discussion talked about the importance of keeping a positive attitude in life, whatever the circumstances that touch us to live, and its effect on how out of this situation: If you go on what you have positive, even when it appears that everything is wrong, will have many (really many) more weapons to counteract the situation and stay afloat. One of the subscribed to this newsletter (Rossana from Colombia) made me the following comment: I am convinced that all this is truth () experience it in my life with surprising results () but my mind (now) is infected with fears and unbelief. It desperate me not be the same as before, I can do? First and foremost, calm! As I always say, if you leave yourself to dominate by emotions, leave the reason for side and only react rather than Act. Animals react, people react, and we also act. Suppose that you are in the cinema. Suddenly, during a scene in the film, a person in front of you is to violently, saying, this is very bad, do not agree with what is happening and while talking, walking towards the screen with evident indignation. Then, generating even more surprise in all attendees, starts out the actors (who are on the screen!) and tells them that it is not in accordance with that. Note: as I write this I remember my daughter for two years, when to watch cartoons on TV and gives kisses to the characters, directly on the glass. Surely someone would stop and shouting you crazy! If you don’t like the movie, discuss it with the director! However, in our life, we act many times as the madman who sermonizes screen, angering us with the result of our way of thinking, instead of giving us realize that what happens to us is only the externalisation of that internal script.

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