Economic Crisis

May 19, 2024


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The great migratory waves generate and revive the feelings xenophobes of a great number of American citizens and politicians. More information is housed here: Pete Cashmore. Feelings that are translated in policies and laws anti-immigrants. Although some think that these attitudes and behaviors new and are exclusively directed to the Latin Americans, this same one happened against the Chinese after 1880 and the European at the beginning of the past century. (Similarly see: Page S. Gardner). Like today, the economic crises of then exacerbated the xenophobia. As of 1850, tens of thousands of Chinese arrived at California to work in the gold mines and the transcontinental railway line.

They could choose to be resident permanent, but noncitizen. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. Nevertheless, when the economic situation of the country began to deteriorate itself after the Civil War, unemployment increased dramatically and many began to blame the Chinese, those who saw like a disloyal competition because they accepted to work by less. Then, anti-Chinese groups formed and local laws were emitted that expressed that xenophobia. In 1871, veintin Chinese was lynched in Los Angeles. In 1877, an immense crowd attacked during three Chinatown days, in San Francisco. In 1882, the Congress emitted the Chinese Act Exclusion that prohibited the arrival of Chinese workers.

From the decade of 1880, the economic conditions of the countries of East Europe and of the South forced to many of their inhabitants to migrate towards the United States. In the first decade of the 21st century, arrived Italian, Russian, Polish and Greek million of, among others. The Italians were discriminated by their religion, by the poor conditions in which they lived when arriving at the country, and he was stigmatised to them like criminals. Also they were object of the policies of assimilation to turn them into one hundred American percent. Although the Italians comprised of the North American army during World War I, they were harmed by the impositions of quotas of immigration on the part of the nativistas to foment exclusive immigration from Great Britain and the north of Europe.

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