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May 6, 2024


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An example; How can a company benefit from the telematic register their invoices. Our example company is a major consulting firm. This company has several offices throughout the country. Each of their office receive different merchandise from two vendors related material (paper, pens, folders) Office and information technology (computers, software and different hardware, toners for your printer). Vendors shipped merchandise, together with your packing slip directly to branches, while invoices are sent to the central office. Click Energy Capital Partners to learn more. How to improve the management and control of the packing slip and your invoice? Each Office acede to the central server where the information is consolidated. Upon receipt of the shipment is scanned and extract the most important information.

The set is recorded and stored in the database. The invoices received by the business office material come in printed format while the computer material invoices receive telematically as invoices electronic. To unify the process the paper invoices are transformed into electronic format and through telematic means are retained in computer support, still possible so your query and print at any time. Telematic invoices are processed automatically, extracting its information and transferring the whole telematically to the database. Once telematically registered, thus the process defined contrasts the content of the invoice with the shipment information automatically, and if there are no discrepancies, indicated that you Bill telematics is correct in the database and sends a notice to the appropriate Department so that payment can be processed.

Now suppose the company wants to know at any given time or for a period of time spending on Office supplies. Now, agile and easily, you can consult the telematic register of bills to know the costs of the company. After several months, the company decides to make a balance of gains and losses, this requires access Agile at all company documents, including invoices. These documents, digitized and telematically registered from the outset, streamline the work of the Finance Department, and can thus perform the balance proposed by the senior management of the company. So far we have referred to the process of reception and payment of invoices, but in the same way, e.g. in the case of a company products manufacturer, could integrated billing process by the company with other departments, such as the control of stock, if both registered form movements telematics with a base data. New technologies bring significant advantages to the company; They streamline work processes, increase savings and guarantee the safety of storage, backup and recovery of documents of the company, in addition to generating greater accessibility to the data to carry out an inspection or track them. When choosing a solution for managing invoices telematics is important to take into account the ease of integration that you have with our processes and existing applications.

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