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May 8, 2024


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To January 1, 2010, the new Dusseldorfer table enters into force. The family Senate of the OLG Dusseldorf have announced 6 January 2010 the recasting of the Dusseldorfer table (valid retroactively as of 01.01.2010). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. In the Dusseldorf table, which is issued by the higher regional court of Dusseldorf, in coordination with the other appellate courts and the German family court day maintenance guidelines, including rules for child support, be set. An adjustment of the table changed just a year ago was necessary because the child tax allowance by the growth acceleration Act which entered into force on 01.01.2010 have increased, which should benefit the child first and foremost. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. In this respect the maintenance rates have been increased significantly.

The increase is however mitigated by the increase in the child benefit to 20, and also thereby diminished that based on the new table is an existing maintenance obligation to two instead of three dependent. A downgrade in the table is therefore in the future when three dependent into consideration. A promotion only occurs only when a dependent. The new Dusseldorfer table is available on the homepage of the OLG Dusseldorf. Maria U. Lottes, Attorney at law

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