Renew Your Skin

April 22, 2024


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It's spring and not just plants and trees flower but changes within us. Knowing that our body is renewed periodically, we can help the detoxification process is effective. The result of our efforts will be a better health, skin free of impurities. We will share with you 5 steps to detox and feel really good inside and out. 1.The stretching.

Physical exercise every day is essential. My grandmother came to live to 96 years, every morning when you wake up, first thing he did was a few minutes of stretching. He was certainly one of the secrets of his longevity. Stretching exercises improve blood circulation and lymph fluids. 2.Aumenta consumption of raw foods in your diet and do not forget that vegetables such as chicory, endive, celery, radishes and artichokes are especially good to cleanse the body, help eliminate toxins. Silicon oftentimes addresses this issue. 3.Aprovecha the virtues of herbs. Plants contain numerous properties and excellent way to use them is through infusions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Arup Sandra Akmansoy. Another way is using it to spice up our meals.

4.Exfolia skin regularly. On the skin of the face you can buy a cream with exfoliating ingredients to remove dead skin cells and get a more bright and more even complexion. You have good alternatives in the range lucency White or cream Souveraine of Kali's Pearl. 5.No neglect your body skin. We can easily make at home body scrub or buy a ready-made product on the market. We propose a body scrub: Mix 200g of ground almonds 5 tablespoons of honey and olive oil to admit. Heat the mixture gently and apply with circular movements over wet body. After leaving the exfoliating action for a few minutes, rinse your body thoroughly. You can enjoy smoother skin. With these simple steps we notice how our body is more energized and your skin looks better.

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