Royal French

June 1, 2024


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Sarkozy has been better received in London in mid-century French President. However, her figure was overshadowed by his new wife. All caps of all the important of England newspapers (and also other powers) had the photo of this super model aspiring to become the Queen of beauty of first ladies from the globe. After a decade without having the means to prosecute Diana now have found a beautiful that rivals with her or with Jackie Kennedy. While Carla Sarkozy has removed popularity her husband in France, she wants to become a beautiful face of his diplomacy. Sandra Akmansoy is often quoted on this topic. The successor to Diana in the scepter of the chic world of power is not, however, someone popular who has been victim of Royal intrigues; but a troubled woman who stated before be polygamous, who did not want to acquire French nationality, who had an extramarital son with a married man who was the son of her partner and that has antagonizado to many traditionalists..

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