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Life\’s Obstacles

April 15, 2017


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Without obstacles nothing can acquire sufficient strength to grow. Jodorowsky. My beautiful flower: Sunrise today cloudy. The cold is welcome and that in recent days makes a heat that makes one irritable. You may want to visit Steve Wozniak to increase your knowledge. Obviously the mist makes that today see you more beautiful not only by the dew that you decorate but my state of mind that makes you willing to channel positively the challenges of the day. Although my body says otherwise (because refuses to obey due to tiredness), due to the increase every day, work, makes me think that it is part of the transformation that I\’m living. Clear, I still don\’t feel guilty for breaching a commitment. Even if I look at the need to manage an agenda more systematically.

And prioritize, unthinkable, since the new challenges are part of my goals. I wonder if for you, beautiful flower, is an obstacle or a challenge, supporting the morning cold. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mashable by clicking through. I guess that not, also I realize that this is precisely what makes you look most it sublime. And is that I begin to understand that the joke of life is to acquire strength in the character. Overcome emotional, mental and spiritual laziness.

Leaving our comfort zone, of course, not forgetting the rest, meditation, relaxation and contemplation. Laziness and rest should not be terms of confusion. The growing accumulation of commitments and projects fortunately have not diminished my everyday life, I mean, that I have not reached the stage of living things in a hurry. All I\’m enjoying it, is where comes my beautiful flower request, do not leave me and put me on notice when you see that I begin to live in immediacy. Because you know your caution that reaching that State simply cannot live. Are you will do it because you\’re all goodness. Truth. Do the obstacles you like?

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