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Network Center

July 12, 2017


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When you think about running the ball must be taken into account the effort that implies and effective strategy to use, regardless of the use of media or other means of mass reach, the idea is to go for links confidence that people have when they contact. Someone anyone can be a crier, but think about our neighborhood, or in our classroom, or in our work, and we realize that there is always one or two people who are excellent newsboys, sociability is working very well, people believe them because they like to say, therefore, would not it be better than search marketing campaign to that person and not me to create the wave?, hence the importance of the Network Center, is all those who have many contacts for exit and entry, if we imagine a line going from one person to see that the Red Centre will be many coming out of it and many who converge on it. But where do we find?, We could look in the forums, chats related to subjects related to the service or product we have, we could look to specialists, if a new drug to doctors, pharmacies, etc., but there is another strategy that should also be used to achieve Centers Network, and this is to let the Centers Red to come to you, this conference calling and inviting, forums, conferences, fairs, etc, where these centers are going to go Red and, on your land you will evaluate all, which take as a crier. Ali Partovi oftentimes addresses this issue. Another aspect needed to be taken into account to use the Word of Mouth marketing is that the product is generating comments, ie make people talk about it. Remember those cameras that take pictures after this came as children stikers and pasting them into their notebooks, etc. and they all wanted an equal.

A friend bought his son a beautiful phone and when I was giving the boy asked: is bluetooth?, No – said – Ah! then there no more, and I thank not. Another important point is that the product is compatible, because We all like to have something to improve or help or do we have now, remember that the Word of Mouth is a strategy for this but not for tomorrow. Recall that an invention as wonderful as the Palm and not sold in stores, and all because it was not compatible with the operating system we\’ve always used. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. Finally, we must guard against the Red Centre, they can work against us and for competition. A low opinion runs several times faster than a good opinion.

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