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Thomas Rith

March 16, 2016


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Recycle your old technology to enhance your account before it is disposed of in the garbage. Who likes equips itself with the latest technology, often has the problem that the old stuff home dust up, no longer used, and landing finally in the scrap press. Thus you give away money. Of course, there are ways, which everyone knows. But often we shy away from the effort and hassle simply. It is of course easier to do nothing. The eBay eBay is the classic of course. \”All think alike, if you have something to sell, that it\’s just\” eBay is.

It is also definitely not unattractive. Attract a large group of customers and the principle of the auction can be quite good. BUT: nothing is safe here. There is listing fees, you have to pay even if you sell nothing. And even, if you sell something, eBay again with Commission strikes. In addition you must still put together the package, wait for the payment and hope that there is a positive review for you next time again sell can. The easy way of purchaser now emerging a trend, which is easy. So, there are some offers from buyers of older technology in the Internet.

These have focused on to buy older goods and then sell. Here, too, there are of course advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is often a slightly lower price than you can earn on eBay maybe. But, s know that on eBay of course only after the auction. And some technology is purchased at really good prices. This is always dependent on how much the purchaser of stock has, or wants to have. The purchaser to buy pretty much any kind of older technology and media. Whether it\’s a Smartphone or baby monitor, a DVD or BluRay, a game console or calculator, for everything there is a purchaser. I wanted to sell DVDs in a self test, and that was quite positive. The proceeds would have been better on eBay. So I got rid of about 150 DVDs. Could send everything for free and had the money after a few Days. No stress, no hassles and no unexpected costs. I determines the pricing on the Web pages of the purchaser, free shipping label printed and pasted on the packages. Then to the post office and the money went to a couple of days as. It couldn\’t be simpler really. For some providers, I have published detailed test reports. Now, I wish you good luck when you populate your account with the older technology and no longer required media.

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