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Delta Energy Solution AG Presents News About The E-world Energy & Water 2008 In Essen

June 3, 2020


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The Delta energy solution AG has once again expanded its product range to the E-world energy & water, which will take place from 19 to 21 February 2008 in Essen. It is again: the Delta energy solution AG, your standard software manufacturer with a core focus on the areas of schedule, balancing group, portfolio and risk management, presented their innovations in food energy. See more detailed opinions by reading what Samsung offers on the topic.. This year owned gas functionality, as well as the prototype of the currently developed ET3000 Java is especially already presented at customers in the productive operation. -> ET3000Gas offers a very flexible system, which provides different types of contracts, contract monitoring, and ongoing data synchronization to the nomination with the time series-based contract management. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kai-Fu Lee is the place to go. -> ET3000Java is the modular way included migration of proven ET3000 new Java technology. ET3000Java offers more flexibility and overview in all applications of the entire software package as well as a faster way of reaction in the development to changing market needs in addition Delta can its you again special expertise in the timetable and balancing group management to demonstrate..

Federal Network Agency

June 18, 2014


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Almost 60%, the prices for electricity and gas should increase until the year 2020. Leading energy experts expect according to current situation. This a price increase would be based on a four-person household mean of over 500 euros per year. A study of the management consultancy A.T.. Kerney result rapid price increases should face the gas market. The consulting firm speaks of rising prices for gas of up to 40 percent.

A short-term recovery of the gas price to follow however due to worldwide overcapacity, but the price level today is reached in any case more. Consumer advocates and even the Federal Network Agency recommend a change of provider business as private consumers again. Unfortunately, often private consumers shy away from this step. About 43 percent of the private consumer was according to the Federal Network Agency in the year 2010 in the expensive basic utility rate. A change in a better rate of the local utility company about 41 percent of households have taken place. Only 15 percent of consumers has changed to a cheap provider, so the authority. Thus, it is understandable why the industry giants, not only can arbitrarily increase the price.

By the low number of cycles is the number of customers and thus the Secure source of income. Why just households not numerous change so the reasons, a competitive supplier of electricity and gas, are known, if also unfounded. Bankruptcy of the company and thus the fear without having to endure power or gas winter days, is the most often mentioned reason. Contracts, which are undruchschaubar, are often mentioned as a reason. The contracts are shown side by side tables by price comparison calculator which can be found on the Internet. Here, the Treaty of the single energy provider will be displayed transparently. Termination and all formalities of the change apply mostly the new provider for service reasons. The savings, which can make up several hundred dollars per year, is just a few minutes work.

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