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Mexico Business

December 30, 2012


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Business Digitalapunta to clients distinctive niches-regardless of that kind is, where they live or how big that is. What matters is that its members are on the same wavelength: have the same values and attitudes. Ideally, dominate a particular niche, cover all specific market worldwide. As it is known, it is better to be a big fish in a pond that one very small in the big ocean. The idea is that if approached, concentrates and devotes all his energy to create and then exploit a very narrow market niche, can make lots of money.

The niche can be formed by architects aged 30 to 45 who are bald and with glasses. Or by engineers fond of Parcheesi. If it manages to attract these customers globally, you can achieve great economic benefits. It is easier to say you do. We must get it right. You need to provide the exact offer a clearly identified niche and do it repeatedly. In Spain there will be no more than 80, in Argentina they do not exceed the 90 and there are 300 in Mexico but to conquer country after country, the business is It is more lucrative. In 2006, Chris Anderson published the Long Tail economy (and since then the term no longer heard in the media around the world, everything changed) to describe how small segments are summed up to create a multi-million dollar business.

It is necessary to choose. Customize your bid and then make it even more. In a world of fragmentation, the niches are increasingly smaller and thanks to the digital economy (Internet) are divided into thousands, and not within long time in millions of them. Popularizing and democratizing the network globally, with Google at the head, has made people to move from the real world (what we know) to a new world, the Digital (what do not know) and has made that choice are virtually unlimited with regard to some years ago. It is a completely new economic model and that is starting to show his power and that it is changing the way of doing business in one industry after another, and until we reach to all. Before the whether is it possible to earn money on the Internet with a Digital business? The answer is emphatically yes!.! And I do not say it. Returning again to the good and famous book by Chris Anderson, the economy Long Tail or long tail take as an example a study by AC Nielsen in the year 2005 in the last paragraph of the page. 264 which says that more than 724,000 Americans report that eBay is their first or second source of income and must be taken into account in this study are not Amazon, ClickBank, Comission Junction, Paypal thanks to new technologies and the Internet, have broken the barriers of entry to the production and marketing of products and services to give access to millions of people. This has allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans and all parties, individual and anonymous people have been able to earn money with hobbies and hobbies because they have been found and they have communicated effectively with a group of people (niche market) globally with the same passions and hobbies and have sold them to through a Digital business in a very cost-effective manner. !!!The Micromercados had been imposed on the macromarkets! I hope that the article has been useful and of interest.

Children and the Internet

March 14, 2011


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But that is not required. Today in the courtyard the Internet age with its enormous capacity. And our children are guided in computers and the Internet is much better us. Therefore, the child need only to push, to show the opportunity to earn yourself. Believe me, kids will love it. Let's go back to the girl, who likes to do with flowers and garden design. Why not help her create a website dedicated to flowers and landscaping. Let it puts your information out there, share experiences, writing articles.

Child 12-14 years old is quite capable of it. But earnings from this project will not go disappear. This may be advertising, and the possible orders (over time) for the services of garden design, and a thousand and one option. Of course, it may be that the girl eventually realize that this is not exactly what she wants to do. Fine, go ahead. If not the first time, then the second or third your child decide on his favorite thing. And it is not easy to define, and learn how to earn money and manage their income and expenses.

And by age 18, this would no longer be self-doubt and lost identity, and standing firmly on his feet man, who himself earns a living and knows for sure what he wants from the future. Where are the millions will take, you ask? They will come, you are on this account, do not worry. The man who does what he likes and knows how to manage your money, be sure to receive the abundant and rich life. Because life is like happy and happy people. But does not like losers, and whiners. A man who does his favorite thing, can not be unhappy. This article is dedicated to educating children. But since most of us still have not escaped from his childhood, this way many of you will need to pass on their own, without parents. And even if you have long passed for , I still strongly recommend that you perform exercises that are described in this article. I wish you always deal only with favorite things, and your children to bring up only millionaires.

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