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Thesis Process

June 4, 2014


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Any student studying in any course knows that the time will come when he, like all of his classmate, will have to prove that spent years in school were not wasted, in other words, to defend a thesis. But before how to protect, it is necessary to write, but it is known, the problem is not that simple. Let's see where to start. First of all, you need to understand what is supposed to write – a thesis or capstone project. Thesis, as and thesis project, a graduation qualifying work. It is a creative process and is performed independently on the last, final year of training. But, as mentioned above, should be distinguish, especially in technical high schools, graduation project and thesis work. Diploma project – this is primarily a study concerning the creation or calculation of some device or technology.

Thesis project usually accompanied by a large number of drawings and calculations. Diploma thesis on the contrary, a special computation of theoretical knowledge with practical skills and is of a theoretical or experimental. After the first step is done, you should choose a theme. The theme is best to choose one that is closer to an understanding of, and in which there is at least some knowledge or experience. No small role in the process of writing a diploma plays a supervisor. Contrary to popular belief, the choice of leader to be taken seriously. It should be a good expert who is knowledgeable in the right area, but above all a man of science behind is not the only one successfully defended their graduate and postgraduate or doctoral better.

After all, you can help the student not only advice on the process of writing a diploma, but sometimes it's more important, weighty word to the Certifying Commission for protection. And there is not only academic degrees and achievements of the head, but also respect and understanding among colleagues. In addition, it should be noted that the preparation of the thesis (project), usually begins with professionally-oriented undergraduate practice. This practice is positioned as the final stage of training. In the case of the successful defense of the thesis (draft) State Examination Board assigns qualified students: bachelor, engineer, master.

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