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March 4, 2019


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Put this article on not less than 200 forums and news feeds (News Groups). Remember, the more you post, the higher your income and this income will be directly dependent on you. When you reach the first position, you will already impressive purse, just as the creator of the list. And now – why you win. Say, I get 200 of only 5 replies (a very low figure). So I'll make $ 5 while the 6 position in the list. Now these 5 people are doing besides the minimum 200 of my purse on the fifth position, and only 5 people answer to the first 5.

It's already $ 25. Further 25 people do 200 of my purse on the fourth line and only 5-ro respond. My income is $ 125. Now (I'm on the 3-position), these 125 people, placed and received only 5 answer give me a $ 625 profit. More – more: these 625 at least 200 to make accommodations with me 2 line and only 5-ro respond. It's – 3125 $. The most interesting thing is that these 3125 people will do more for the 200 accommodations, but if they answer only 5-po people, then I get $ 15,625.

And all this for an initial contribution of $ 6. When you are on the list anymore – you just send regular $ 6 a new number from the list, putting your purse on the second position and again place. Learn more at: Robert Bakish. Only here in Russia by 2006 the number of Internet users will increase from the current 9 million users to 21 million you without my guarantees understand that lots of people out of these millions, too, wants to become rich. Unique and necessary conditions – need to constantly communicate to them information that way, not so much difficult, however uneasily. But nowhere to go – free and at no cost – only in a mousetrap. Pitch. And do not use spam – purses block. Good luck. How can disseminate information in forums and on the Internet. 1. Open Search rambler.ru (or whatever) 2. Writing in a row Search phrase: Forum name a new message (without the quotes) 3. Search engine will find thousands of pages, links to which immediately leads to the form to fill out a new forum topic. 4. Name the new theme as something original, look at what topic of this forum popular – your message will be watching more often. 5. Do not forget about your friends, and send them to e-mail. 6. Bulletin board: posting a few ads out there, you can get very, very good result. The process of adding ads completely free and easy by clicking on 'Add announcement', enough to fill the required fields and click 'add'. warning! An important point! When a person begins to "wise": Do not send money, simply enter your wallets, the funds in his account is not received. Cheat the system of registration list Yandex purses extremely difficult and unprofitable. Each computer has a name. Each has passport data. Therefore, when installation of the purse is fixed computer name. And if you decide to cheat the system, you can not simply withdraw the money!

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