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Italian Cheeses

January 26, 2015


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Italy is the birthplace not only of good wine, but also an excellent cheese. Many restaurants and cafes Russia offers different varieties of Italian cheese. In this article we describe the Italian cheese made exclusively from cow's milk. Cheese Montasio – (fat from 30% to 40%) have a seal of quality DOC, this is a great variety of cheese is very famous in Italy, but only a few restaurants in Chelyabinsk it offers. Term of maturing cheese can vary from 2 months to eighteen months. In the process of maturation Montasio is becoming harder and changes color from yellow brown to dark ocher.

Cheese has a pasty structure with a small number of small holes. The taste of cheese also depends on gestation period and can vary from juicy to nut. Cheese heads are formed into a circle weighing from 5 to 12 kg. Cheese "Saciocavallo" – (about 45% fat) has a seal of quality for EPA technologies to mature the cheese yield in a dry area in terms of 3 to 6 months. Dermot McCormack often addresses the matter in his writings. Crust "Saciocavallo" has a golden yellow color. Depending on the time of exposure cheese taste it ranges from mild to bluff. Cheese heads are formed into a pear and weigh from 2 to 5 kg. Cheese Quartirolo Lombardo – (fat from 45% to 50%) Cheese ripens from 7 to 8 months, resulting gets taste of fruit.

Quartirolo Lombardo with higher salt content is low quality cheese. Cheese heads have a weight of 1 to 3 kg. Cheese Parmesan – (32% fat) has a seal of quality DOC Parmesan (Parmesan) is one of the longest periods of maturation, this Parmesan can mature over 10 years. Using the technology of cheese is pressed within 24 hours, then placed for 3 weeks in salt bath. Next Parmesan is transferred into a cold room, where periodically rub it with olive oil. Further, the top layer of cheese, rub a special pigment which is why Parmesan becomes black or dark green. Cheese has a very solid structure, it is very difficult to cut with a knife in connection with than in Italy, his Grate and store in glass containers. Parmesan has a sweet, fruity aroma. Cheese heads are formed into a cylinder and weigh from 24 to 40 kg. Cheese Bel Paese (fat cheese 50%) This kind of cheese is very young and based on a recipe cheese "Italico", which amounted to a master cheese making Egidio Halban. Production of this sort happened today for the Italian territory. Cheese produced in Europe and in Canada and the United States. Cheese has milky-fruity flavor with a sweet tinge. Bel Paese has a golden-yellow crust covering wax and formed into a circle 2-kg. Cheese Gorgonzola (fat cheese 48%) This cheese is familiar to citizens of Russia, the hallmark of this cheese in this class is uniformly blue veins of mold. Gorgonzola maturing from 2 to 4 months and in the process of maturation becomes subacute, spicy flavor that is stronger, the longer ripened cheese. Cheese formed into a drum, weighing from 6 to 12 kg. In conclusion, I say, must eat cheese, visiting cafes or simply Chelyabinsk cooking at home, it is very useful for the human product.

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