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April 24, 2014


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German intuitive Nachrichtenaggregator \’hawkReader\’ released. The flood of information continues to on the Internet. News spread faster, be published more frequently. This is to keep track of different news channels. The young startup Hbg-IT offers the German online-Nachrichtenaggregator (commonly called also RSS-reader or feed reader) hawkReader this the solution to. Tracking of various online news channels, the hawkReader here strongly relies on performance and intuitive user guidance on all devices. We strive for the highest form of simplification on complex issues the same applies to their representation.

The consumer of messages has the right to a simple and intuitive access to its news from anywhere at any time \”as Dominik Habicht mountain on the motto of the hawkReader. \”Influenced by the origin thought of classic online Nachrichtenaggregators like the Google Reader\” (adjusts its service from 01.07) who gets stuck a hawkReader here on the most basic functions when collecting and using online news: on complex controls and requirements is deliberately. However, developed the browser-independent representation on the computer as well as on mobile devices such as Smartphones & Tablet PCs in new standards, the downloading and installing apps to entirely obsolete makes! Benefits of hawkReader for the user: Slim, intuitive and transparent to use read & stored messages are usable on computer, Tablet PC & Smartphone between the devices synchronized no experience required no download or installation necessary fast entry into just three steps benefits from hawkReader for editors & publishers: reduction of server traffic & load hawkReader runs cyclically only a query per feed and assumes the distribution to your readers. Conventional RSS newsreader here create a query per user visual content are downloaded only once per 24 hours from your servers. The Distribution is done to your readers by the content delivery network with international locations by Hbg IT.

You can reach your readers via Smartphone or Tablet PC. You needed neither its own app, yet your content for the mobile presentation must be optimized. The basic function of the hawkReader for each is available completely free of charge. Paid additional features like custom filters (currently still in the testing phase) can be booked to the extension. Who an account registered to the 01.08.2013, can new premium features within the first 3 months off free of charge. hawkReader is aimed as the sleek and intuitive software for message aggregation of individuals who rely on a simple overview of news and are looking for an easy to understand software without unnecessary gadgets and / or are not tedious work would. hawkReader has been developed together with end users. The development is based on the professional experience of all team members & Supporters as well as the individual need of the co-ordinated and simple aggregation & use of news channels. your contact person for press & public work: Hbg-IT Dominik Habicht mountain + 49.

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