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Mobile Internet Tariffs

June 22, 2023


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In the meantime, many different iPad exist fares on the market. Pete Cashmore understood the implications. The Apple iPad has been available since May 2010 in Germany. With a 10-inch touch screen you can view eBooks, monitor photos or videos. (Similarly see: hyro). Through the LED backlight this is no problem, even in conditions of poor visibility. Since the introduction of several iPad prices in the local market can be found. First, there were the discounter Simyo and blau.de, that catered to the customers. About blau.de get a SIM card for mobile Internet usage for 12,90 euro. A credit in the amount of 10 euro is included in this one-off cost.

For the UMTS flat rate a monthly price will be charged at EUR 19.90. The data volume is 5 gigabytes. At Simyo 9.95 euros, the basic fee, but is 14.90 Euro prize for the SIMcard and the sign-up bonus is only 3,-euro. Speed reduction is from a volume of 1 GB. Both providers use the e-plus mobile network. Also on t mobile, O2 or Vodafone is an iPad tariff available.

The provider O2 differentiates its products in the high of volume of data. Here there is a S -, M -, or L – tariff. The prices range between 10,-and 25,-euros. At O2, a top speed of 7.2 Mbps is given in the second. The same transfer rate offers also t mobile. The Web walk n flat 34.95 euros. The data volume is 3 GB 1. Vodafone has a basic monthly package on the market. 200 MB can taste be surfing here for 19.95 euros. 3 GB are in the month available for 10,-euro more. Christopher Heinsius

Android 3.0: Competition For The IPad

July 17, 2019


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That optimized it Android operating system for tablets was already much criticized on the Android tablets. The previous Smartphone operating system is greatly improved, according to the common tenor of many journals. The Internet giant Google would like to put an end to it and presents Android 3.0, aka honeycomb. How should this conquer the market and critics silenced, informed news.de. Andoid to halt now 3.0 the sustained assault on the iPad, a magnificent example of mobiles in combination with the latest technology. The optimized operating system, specifically designed for tablets, has already been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Although the name honeycomb, honeycomb, so, less promising than the Smartphone competition sounds Eclair, Froyo or gingerbread, it should entice you with skill and technical intricacies.

Many details are still top secret. But according to industry insiders called widgets, dynamic window systems, be brought this system more strongly to the fore. In addition, Android should be 3.0 for larger displays of tablets. Another advantage is the enhanced browser. This allows that can manage multiple tabs within a window. The question off when Android 3.0 in the trade is available, must remain still unanswered. There is to be just this year on the market, more was not betrayed yet. Learn more at this site: Robert Bakish.

But some manufacturers have already announced, to take advantage of the new operating system. However, the selection of apps and media may be really crucial to the success of the Android tablets. Should this not satisfy the customers, or can’t keep up with the offerings from Apple can, it will be difficult to compete in the market.

DSL Flat Comparison

October 9, 2018


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A DSL flat comparison helps to save costs that match DSL flat select a DSL Flatrate is already standard for most Internet users these days. But often a DSL is includes the contract completed, which services, that are not desired and thus unnecessarily have to be paid. This is a DSL flat quickly and easily perform comparison. DSL flat than a DSL flat is often on the basis of recommendations by friends or acquaintances contracted. A DSL flat comparison however in advance not always takes place. For a DSL flat comparison there are some providers, which offer also comparisons over several comparison portals. Here, only the preset area as well as the desired performance parameters of the DSL Flatrate is indicating.

Below you can compare the cheapest provider with the desired performance characteristics alone. Components of DSL flat this should be to understand which components are actually necessary. Zendesk may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Must really be the fastest available connection or is possibly a At DSL 6000 standard bandwidth enough? If one does not intend to get involved in online games or plans no big downloads (legal movies, legal music.), a DSL 6000 is perfectly working contract. Applies here – more speed = higher costs. Should be in hindsight show that but higher bandwidth is required, then a trouble-free transition to the next higher range is possible with most providers. Meaningful additional services consider it helps once in a while, if you look at the benefits of the provider at similar prices. So I noticed, for example, that the provider 1 & 1 in its DSL packages offered by a mobile Flatrate including.

Herein, all phone calls to German landlines, as well as in the 1 & 1 mobile network are included. Other suppliers, for example, abandon the connection fee or free of charge to provide a high-quality DSL router. Here, it should consider which offer best suits its needs. In otherwise comparable offers, one can such additional service ultimately be an argument for each provider. Thomas Mecke

Android Smartphones

June 16, 2017


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Outdoor navigation to take: the new app from the home of MagicMaps is ideal for all outdoor adventures. With Scout for Android, you know where to go s. Who handled the distance traveled, altitude, duration everything is recorded and provides important information. Navigation instructions guide the user along a tour. The highlights bike computer and navigation with GPS track recording to record interactive maps with global map data by OpenStreetMap expandable with topographic detailed maps for all regions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and National Park United States (other countries in planning) track, evaluate, and send by email navigation along direction hints tours Tours in GPX format import the map view displays ever-increasing the current position (online access required). Tours can be shown in the map and used E.g. for bike navigation or for hiking. As a base map, the app contains the \”OpenStreetMap\”, the freely available wiki map from the Internet.

Unique: The integrated access to the map store, the user can buy a topographic detailed maps and save on his Smartphone. The digital topographic maps are especially suited for use off the road. You show small forest and hiking trails, water and the topography. With these cards, you can use all functions of the app also independently from the cellular network. This is very useful when you\’re traveling abroad, since domit roaming charges can be avoided. The bike and running computer shows all important information that you need on the road.

The screen can be adjusted individually. The route recording is started by pressing the Start button. You can choose different recording options, E.g. by time or way. The recording can be paused at any time and resume. All recorded tracks are represented in the Navi list overview and can be used for navigation. More information is stored for each tour: distance travel time Highest/lowest point average speed evaluation of the tour (landscape, fitness, technique, experience) navigation along a route using direction hints in the form of arrows top left of the display, as well as the remaining distance to the finish. To enable the audible alarm, a warning in the form of a sound signal is done before turns. Each tour can be send via email in GPX format and can be viewed at a later time on the PC or shared with friends. In addition, scheduled tours of the PC in GPX format to the device can be transmitted. \”The planning software is helpful MagicMaps tour Explorer\”. The application can be purchased through Android market at a price of 2.39. The price for detailed topographic detailed maps at the scale of 1: 50,000 is E.g. 3.99 per region in Germany. MagicMaps GmbH the MagicMaps GmbH specializes in tour planning, digital maps and GPS outdoor navigation with their software products.

VisiTor Mobile Video

May 10, 2017


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Worldwide development! visiTor allows mobile video intercom. Of course, made in Germany. It\’s ringing? You are now who is at the door immediately in the picture,: with visiTor communicate with your visitors comfortably from your sofa, or where you are in your home. When someone presses your doorbell, your door camera image automatically appears on the display of your iPhones or iPads. You can speak directly with your visit and open the door to him.

If you have installed multiple cameras, you can switch at your fingertips between different views, for example, to monitor the outdoor area of your home. As long as you reside in the Wi-Fi reception area of your home, the most useful innovation is visiTor always available since the invention of the ring! All you need to do this, the visiTor application together with the controller is an iPhone, or iPad running iOS 4.3, a video intercom with telephone interface (a-b), as well as a Wi-Fi connection. Is its intercom older? VisiTor no problem is compatible with the most door intercommunication systems (E.g. Ritto, TCS, Gira, u.v.m Siedle,.). Communicate with your iPhone or iPad is made via a Wi-Fi connection, anywhere in the House or garden, where Wi-Fi reception is possible, visiTor is available. To do this, only some parameters in the configuration settings of the iPhones or iPads must be (such as IP address and port of the visiTor controller). In your Web browser you can make then individual settings for cameras, SIP gateway, door intercom stations etc..

Up to five devices (iPad/iPhone) to a controller can be operated in the base version of the visiTor. If necessary, the connection to other units is possible at any time via a license extension, other components are not required. Want to learn more? Visit us on the Internet! Dr. arch. Manuela Banck Head of marketing and communications-visiomatic GmbH Germany Web:

Apple Smartphone

May 13, 2014


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In the following German stores resulted from the query (as of May 29, 2013) after repair price iPhone 5 Galaxy S3 \”on the first three pages of Google. iPhone 5 Samsung Galaxy S3 express-repair24.de 259 express repair24.de 249 Gravis.de 219 Ipoinstore.de 199 Ipoinstore.de 245 3 g werkstatt.de 199 3 g werkstatt.de 249 handyreparatur123.de 189 handyreparaturvergleich.de 229 reparaturvergleich.de 179 reparaturvergleich.de 229 ihelpstore.de 189 shop.gametop.de 229 ihelpstore.de 249 unitel2000.com 249 dmctshop.de 189 Apple store 241,10 231,64 average price average price 200,67 which is the average price for the repair of the iPhone 5 displays with 231,64 euros to 13 percent more expensive than in the Samsung Galaxy S3. But even if the cost of repairs differed only slightly, a repair at the iPhone 5 pays more. With a current minimum of 584,99 euros, the latest Apple Smartphone is significantly more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is to acquire for 333 euros. The average repair cost of the S3 amounted to more than 60 percent of the new unit and could be no longer so profitable. The strict product control by Apple especially with regard to the parts of the new iPhone 5, caused among other things, that many of the alternative Reparaturdienstleister fix no more iPhones. You can often offer no more favourable prices than Apple. Now, Apple offers apparently, according to a report by CNET, currently also display repair in the own shop but only for those who completed a costly $99 AppleCare Protection Plan.

Thus the comparatively cheap 114 euros costs. Europe comparison of repair costs In the European comparison of the repair costs for the two tested models turns out Italy as the cheapest country. In Spain (iPhone 5) and France (Galaxy S3) on the other hand, the cost of repairs are the most expensive. In Germany, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is in demand and therefore comparatively expensive to repair. Bottom line the cost of repair for a broken iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 display are in the investigated European Countries is relatively high. The significant price differences in the repair costs of the investigated smartphone models are noteworthy within Europe. Who so travels to Italy on holiday, should be there immediately to fix its display. The study can be found at this link.

To idealo: Germany\’s leading online price comparison is idealo. At, users can compare prices by over 100 million offers from 25,000 dealers. In addition, supplies idealo detailed information about shops, product features and availability of the desired article. More idealo services are portals to the research of cheaper air travel (flug.idealo.de), hotels (hotel.idealo.de), energy suppliers (strom.idealo.de) and financial services (geld.idealo.de), as well as apps for Android and iOS. Over 470 employees are working at the headquarters of the company founded in 2000 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. As a product price comparison is idealo in France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy successful.


May 10, 2014


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Smartphones are not \”Waterproof\” in the sense of \’diving seal\’ so generally of course, but smaller splashes or humidity can have from now on nothing more the sensitive electronics. When it comes to housing: also the outer shell is more resistant than normal products at Outdoorsmartphones in many cases a lot. Not only to withstand the outside smaller and larger falls, also the Interior is protected against detonations. The free fall of the edge of the table can be such a mobile thus generally unimpressed. At a huge offer on Smartphones, you quickly lose track.

It is therefore very advisable only to inform and to purchase only one or another Outdoorsmartphone. Only the tested devices from renowned manufacturers will be presented. The devices are included in the various sections under the microscope. The Reliability, quality and durability are just a few criteria that are included in the test (read more about Outdoorsmartphones outdoorsmartphonetest.de) conclusion: Outdoorsmartphones are not just for adventurers that a phone will go sooner or later, once broken, because most users have become accustomed. But who is sorry to lose his beloved companion, by the consequences of smaller accidents which should think in the future as Otto-normal consumer about the purchase of an Outdoorsmartphones. Long gone are the days, in which more robust devices were clearly abgespeckteren function. Today can the outdoor models usually just as much as their \”normal\” counterparts and look this visually mostly not even worse. The trend is away from the \”disposable\”cell phone and to the mobile phone that you can throw away literally also. An Outdoorsmartphone is equipped in most cases anyway, and are a durable and ideal companions for a modern Lifestyle.

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