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Combinatorial Optimization

October 7, 2014


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Economy and science are working together on innovations for the practice In the research project of MultiTrans (multi-criteria Optimization for transportation problems in logistics) the Institute to develop the next generation of algorithms of mathematics of the Technical University of Berlin and the 4flow AG to optimize transport, which can take into account complex combinations of target. Already optimization algorithms used in the standard software 4flow vista, which lead to significant transport cost reductions. This technologically advanced algorithms focus mainly on largely congruent goals such as lowest cost of transport or best transportation utilization. Main objective of the current research project is to develop the next generation of algorithms on this basis to optimize transport. These are depicted on the one hand highly complex networks with multi-tiered transport chains and combined traffic flows and optimize also competing, on the other hand several targets at the same time. An essential Key success factor for the transport optimisation is the realistic illustration of the network that you want to tune. We want to consider not only cost and delivery times, but reduce the environmental impact. It concerns us a holistic approach\”, as Prof.

Dr. Rolf H. Mohring, Professor at the Faculty of II – mathematics and natural sciences and project manager of MultiTrans at the Technical University of Berlin. The project is mathematical and software technically extremely ambitious. Due to successful preparatory work, the research partners are confident that their combined expertise in logistics, software technology, applied mathematics and algorithm development will lead to new, compelling solutions.

We are constantly working to anticipate the future needs of logistics software. With the Technical University of Berlin, we have found a research partner who is very experienced in the field of optimization. The main aim of the project teams is that new technology has always a measurable benefit for the user\”, complements Dr. Stefan Wolff, CEO of 4flow AG. In practice, problems of transport characterized by an increasing number of restrictions and solution options. This requires a constant evaluation and development of has already been inserted optimization algorithms. Thus, the research team from industry and academia works since mid-2009 on the mathematical modeling of future challenges in the optimisation of transport networks. As a result of the research project, the development and improved algorithms of solution which should lead to a considerable reduction of the modeling effort in the network optimization and a significant improvement of the optimization result is expected. The project Berlin (IBB) by the Investment Bank in the ProFIT programme \”with the European Fund for regional development (ERDF) funded. For further information, see. Technical University Berlin / working group on Combinatorial Optimization and graph algorithms the core competencies of the Working Group on Combinatorial Optimization and graph algorithms of the Technical University of Berlin are located at the interdisciplinary interface between discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science, and operations research. Further information, see coga. About 4flow the 4flow AG offers consulting, software, and network management for the logistics. 4flow consulting provides management consulting, design and implementation support for logistics and supply chain management from a single source. 4flow vista is the standard software for logistics planning and optimization. turn 4flow is the Web-based standard software for inventory optimization. 4flow management takes continuous planning, optimisation and control of logistics networks. 4flow research applicable innovations and created market-relevant logistics studies. 4flow academy offers education and training of logisticians.

Science And Technology

September 30, 2014


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Many investigations do not prove the absolute validity of a theory but one that refutes the void. For example, if we see one, two, three … white swans, we dare say: "All swans are white." But when we saw a black, our theory would be false. However, we could say: "All swans are white." Thus science advances. Walk to the right but not the extent, but subject to refute a theory, will be closer to the truth than before.

Therefore, cataloging a pseudo-scientific argumentation depends on the demarcation criterion we use. For example, if we want to know if metaphysics is a science, as Kant would be if their judgments are synthetic and a priori. If we subject the criterion of demarcation of the Vienna Circle, not a science because its conclusions can not be verified empirically. Popper does not qualify as the science, but accept that logic holds between their judgments and that they are rational criticism (although not empirically). But we must not overlook is that the metaphysical realities that are not sensitive, that would be absurd to prove his worth in a field that is not applicable.

Therefore, it is now widely accepted demarcation criterion separately in each science and which is based on: logical consistency (or internal), controllability of the precise statements and symbolic (clearly define what you mean each concept or item used). Each science will give different significance to each of these three criteria. As a result, the scientist can know the degree of certainty in the science that lies under study.

Android OS

April 6, 2013


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Mobile marketing is all kinds of promotion of a brand or service via cell phone. The possibilities are many: from numbers of which the user can download contents (payments or free), up content in wap format or promotional text messages. Within this concept is the use of mobile through the Bidis (a sort of bar codes, which allow you to download content, and make purchases online, among other types of commands). The segment that has grown the most in recent times is the content in wap format. It happens that increasingly more people use your mobile to connect to the internet, with HSDPA and 3 G networks are spread all over the world.

Without a doubt, this is the possibility that allows greater creativity when planning marketing strategies. It is convenient to analyze a bit how to use and when using mobile internet. Are you waiting for to renew your driver\’s license. It has a row of one hour of waiting ahead. What does? Takes out his mobile and navigates a little to pass the time, or on a journey long, or when you have time to splurge; all situations in which you navigate by pleasure, to test how it is, or because you have nothing better to do.

If your mobile phone allows it, and you have the habit of working in the cloud, i.e. with all your documents stored in a remote location, perhaps is dedicated to see that new form of costs that just send your work. But, basically, navigation via mobile phone is for pleasure, and thats the grain that whoever seeks to make mobile marketing, it must be exploited. A paradigmatic case, perhaps for being pioneer in mobile marketing is regards to, is the launch of Peugeot 3008 in Spain. The campaign was centered on a massive action of mobile marketing, with the launch of new wap portals, and the launch to all mobiles in the catalog of the auto. The motto was not there best ad of a car than the car itself. The novelty was that the carriage was not an accessory, as it has happened with many brands, which They focus their marketing campaigns in other traditional formats such as newspapers or television. In the case of the Peugeot 3008 same shaft of the campaign was on the Wap content. And the success was resounding. This may be the beginning of the development path firmer this new channel, which can be included within online marketing. But what is really new, is that these new ventures are backed by the addressing of large players of the market, such as Google, who has made big bets on online technology market. Suffice it to mention the development of the Android OS, and launch your own mobile, marking the beginning of Google as a manufacturer of mobile devices. Why you think that the Android is a reality, while the Chrome operating system becomes wish until the year coming?

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