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Interior Ministry

August 5, 2017


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On the actual question of at what point should close the organization, you can always easily answered as follows: 'Close to the organization at the right time. " We can distinguish ten good reasons listed below Emergency response Company: 1. Director-General was invited to the tax authorities for questioning regarding the company and head of the organization to know do not know where his tax. 2. Opera came Interior, announced list of documents for immediate submission, and the firm and has never been such documents or none of the staff just do not know where to look for them.

3. For assistance, try visiting Pete Cashmore. Chief Accountant firm wrote a letter to the dismissal of their own if desired, season it with the words: 'In your documents hell will break a leg'. 4. The company is not an accountant, a CEO can not remember when he last was taking tax returns. 5. Head of the organization can not remember the full name, address of its state registration and the name of the bank, which opened the company's expense. 6.

Head of the organization can not remember at least some indicators of the balance of the organization. 7. None of us do not knows where the accounting documents (contracts, deeds, receipts, invoices, etc.) on which the tax records of the organization. 8. The founder of the company no longer needs this entity. 9. Organization through which the company has cashed the money, and NSF officials attended the opera DAEC, removing all paper and computers. 10. Even the Interior Ministry officials could not figure out who is the de facto CEO. In the presence of at least one of the above characteristics, the Director of the organization should consider just as an accelerated method of liquidation of the organization – the elimination of firms through the sale of the company to the new party. In the election method liquidation of the company should weigh the merits of each method of liquidation (the official liquidation, the liquidation through bankruptcy, liquidation by change of owners and directors, through the elimination of merge with another company, etc.). Any method of dissolving the organizations in Moscow carries out a lawyer's office Mokrushina SA Tel. (495) 642-22-69

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