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Accounting Control System Components

December 9, 2015


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At the organization of corporate training for the sales department, the customer is important to remember – "Training is one of the fragments of the system to ensure the effectiveness of the sales staff." Only a record of all system components efficiency, can guarantee the display of learning outcomes at the level of sales statistics. To deepen your understanding Zendesk is the source. Even the best training and sales seminars can not provide the desired results if the training is conducted without checking for consistency with other elements that determine the efficiency of the staff. What other components provide the performance of your staff? And that should be taken into account when choosing a program learning? Components to ensure the efficiency of personnel as follows: 1. The system of selection and assessment of staff. Any training involves the development of a new one. This obviously imposes requirements on abilities, necessary for the establishment of new skills and personal qualities, which will depend on the application of new techniques into practice. 2.

The regulation of sales personnel and requirements for execution. New techniques, developed at training or seminar, their use in practice may significantly affect the time spent on the work of employees. If the use of techniques will give more effect, but it will take more time for each of the clients, under heavy load on the staff – he simply can not simultaneously use the new technique and comply with the requirements of existing regulations. That the employee had used the new methods he has, above all, should be such an opportunity. 3. The system of motivation.

"They know how to" does not mean that "the will". Employees will use to practice the skills and knowledge acquired during training, only if the incentives to do so. If the gain or there is no need to use, then at best the result will be short-lived. 4. The system of enforcement. If not kept control of execution, then there are no results. If corporate training is conducted at increase the level of personal performance and is not reflected in the regulation of work, system requirements and, accordingly, in the control system, the company lost the most powerful resource of corporate training – "systemic." Accounting for all component of the system to ensure efficiency and coordination of courses with each of these elements will provide a really high impact on learning. And the most transparent it will be a long-term effect noticeable after the training and predictable in the future at the level of sales statistics.

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