June 30, 2015


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Therefore, even with the exact dimensions of all openings, customer averages and window sizes, respectively, allows variation in the line of window unit opening. The owners of apartments in older buildings must be considered that the replacement of windows or openings have to be further developed, either – for precise measurements – to dismantle all the windows. The second option is most convenient for manufacturers and installers, and for customers acceptable only in uninhabited areas in the absence of frost, when close enough openings ersatz windows of several layers of polyethylene, stretched over a frame of timber. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Cashmore. Finishing in these areas can continue without break. On the other hand, all of the above problem are born to make the window as large based on the size of the opening. Accordingly, the lower the importance of this task, the fewer difficulties on the road.

For any ordered version of windows will be no less old. Again, given that the window of the apartment does not differ materially from the neighborhood, in this case we are talking about variations in the 5-15cm. We should also mention the possibility of replacing the windows in the older buildings are architectural monuments. In addition to the same problem with the size of openings, for which the windows were made individually, there is one more thing – preserving the general appearance of the building. This is one of the most important challenges facing the producer. That is, in addition to its basic functions – keep warm, provide sound insulation, ventilation and other amenities, new windows should be as little as possible from different old.

Homes of different architectural styles, tend to have unusually shaped windows – arched, round, elliptical, in the form of highly elongated rectangles. They are often divided into many sections of bindings. In this case, using false-covers, to mimic the design of the ancient windows. The important point is to keep the overall color of buildings. Typically, binders are made of wood, and ranges in color from light brown to dark, almost black. Wooden euro-windows, made "antique" and painted with protective and decorative compositions, looks great on the facades of buildings and perform well in this heat and proofing functions. Summarizing all the above: In any case, an experienced producer in the person tries to take into account gager and provide all of the above features of older homes and find optimal solution. From the customer requires, as usual, a clear understanding of what size window it wants to get a view of the above opportunities and constraints.

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