January 8, 2014


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Peter Lois finds a lump in her breast, Peter to worry that the lump could be a cancer going to the doctor to tell you what they have. The doctor says to wait for the results, while awaiting the results of the check decides to mount a flea market in his garden to sell what you no longer need so that your family is not short of money when he dies, Lois insists independent home-entertainment distribution company that this healthy begins to worry music about.
Finally the results of the check as Peter and video games and Lois are Brain Trauma Foundation both nervous as can be put in the analysis, the last in the breast lump is a benign corpuscle of fat so that there is no danger. Since that time Peter decides to change his lifestyle and spend most of his family, but when it comes time to pay the bill she realizes that the check is too expensive and decided not to pay the same as declared deceased and sign the death to collect insurance.
At night the whole family is celebrating the good health of Peter until they receive a visit from the LLC death to take him to believe that this really dead, when Peter says that all this was a mistake and showed him a copy of your insurance with your BTF signature. Despite protests from Lois, Death decides to take us with him, before volunteer leaving, Peter clings to his family to begin to films mourn their loss (with the exception of Stewie). When leaving home, Lois and her children even with tears Genius Products in her eyes to see Peter leave until it escapes, fleeing death. After persecution by the street to put his hand up and kill him but to slip in a puddle ice falls and the ankle Inc. part and Peter on the other side gets at home.
After a while Lois suggested to stay at home Traumatic Brain Injury until he recovers from the serious injuries and try to persuade him to forgive her husband\’s life, Peter is not convinced that death is in his house until he convinces Lois that while in that state can not die. The death warns that not tell anyone that the injured while the same people would not be dying because consequences, and before Peter flies investment firm in Quagmire and Cleveland is pulled from the top of One Financial Plaza building after a 2,000 bet that he is alive (Peter is done with the final 2,000), then go to the President of and Chairman of clam and is capable of 300 drink a beer without succumbing to alcohol poisoning, having drunk decides to go with some men, who fired him, but Peter is still alive, one with a shotgun when shooting himself realizes that he is alive, all of a sudden they realize that they are immortal.
Moreover, Stewie tries to kill his mother tirandola down the stairs and throw a closet, which seems to have succeeded until Lois comes out of believing their own feet have had a stumble stupid, Stewie realizes that with death injured Lois is immortal and tries every means to cure. After talking to death, Lois convinces brain injury you that lets you live, then it leaving you to live and forgive. When Peter arrives home, his wife gives him the good news that will continue to live, but when death makes the news is that people have discovered that no one can die.
Outraged because the whole world is laughing at him, after the death of Lois promises not to kill him, instead of forcing it to do its job and kills someone who attracts attention after seeing a magazine, death requires him to kill the players that will grow Dawson on board a plane to renegotiate their contracts.
In the plane and Peter makes a call telling him he can not do, but plans to go beyond death as Dawson grows players will not be the only ones to die since the plane will crash. The death calmly telling him that will be the sole survivor, after seeing some children were aware of the lives that are in danger and tells him not going to do his job, Peter gets into the cockpit and asked the landing plane before it is too late to TBI touch his shoulder but thunder die showing the world that have become immortal, but the plane starts to fall rapidly at the end when all seems lost is the actress Karen Black (actress Airport 75) getting the plane to land as it did in the film to save an air disaster.
The death at the end of the ankle is recovered and left to Griffin to spare their lives and give Peter a pack of CDs Scuggs Boys, said that before going again very soon be a joke.

Guernsey Press and Star
flight at the airport has been suspended after philanthropy the Firefighter dispute escalated into a full strike yesterday. Hundreds of people had their travel plans disrupted and many were looking for somewhere to stay for the night after fire crews ran shortly after 5pm.

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