Brazilian Territory

April 20, 2017


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In this direction, the church also seems to be a symbol. They are perceived in figure 3, elements that make reference the falling of trees of trees, forest fires and cultivations. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. In figure 4, an indication to the traces becomes more representative of the territories, guided for reductions where the classic regional aspects are marked by icons as trees, constructions, urban mesh. The human element meets next concentrate to the Brazilian northeast coast. In figure 5, the Brazilian territory is represented as if it was an island, with the reference written of? ocean. However, executing it confusion, the drawing can be an indicative of that the territory goes beyond the surface with land, extending itself it the sea.

Cavalcanti (2008, p.53-54) affirms that ' ' we are all agents of the territory, establish limits between ours and of the others; all we elaborate production strategies that if shock with other strategies of appropriation and use of territrio' ' , being thus, one of the students points ' ' in a territory states ones of outros&#039 exist many limitations as rivers dividing; ' , this rank does not only imply to argue the extension of the territory (referring to extension principle), but brings a fast concern of it the constitution of the territory, ' ' as projected social relation in espao' ' Cavalcanti (2008, p.54). In figure 6, the square is in the center of the representation as territory ample and visualized by people who, of different angles of it participate. The church and the field of soccer are drawn outside of the delimitation in size great in opposing sides. In the field, the players located for activity, certainly each one in its corresponding position. The identity aspect is seen as belonging to the place. Figure 7 presents a conception of territory more directed toward the economy, being distinguished the primary activities where the nature starts to be determinative.

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