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The Technologies

July 2, 2012


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Making me of masculine homosexual, I made sex with a man. Making me of man, I made sex with another one, that if passed for woman. I learned everything on sado-masochism, either as sadist (), either as masochistic. In summary I made sex of all the ways that I never could pensar.' ' The principles of simulation and interaction that if had imposed to the technologies of the spirit in the last decade would be radicalizing the dissolutrias trends of the audiovisual media, making possible not only to see us but, advancing, to participate actively, despite in virtual way, the creation and recriao of the set of the experience. The virtual sociability produced by the television conventional allowed to attend us the events. The creative machines of virtual realities, are telejogos, spaces on-line or chambers of simulation, take them more far, making possible that we come in them to become its protagonists. The conceptions concerning I created by the liberal modern, racionalistas and, as well as the social relations supported that them, tend to lapse, in the measure where the emergent technologies allow to try a variety of styles of life and images that deprive in them of a fixed and steady center. The social intentions that were taken care of by the belief in such conceptions are if becoming difficult to establish in a context where ' ' The credibility in the interior world is placed under suspicion, the existence of a subjective center in the being is become problematic and the institutions that if they justified for these premises are citizens to an analysis crtica.' ' In synthesis, the joint result of this process would be, therefore, our ingression in a world in which we already do not live one safe from feeling to possess one steady I and in which more doubt has each time on the supposed existence of a well delimited identity.

RNAs Techniques

June 13, 2012


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The Acid Desoxirribonucleico, (DNA or ADN, as some literatures use) is a organic made up constituted of two ribbons of nucleotdeos that contains all the information necessary to co-ordinate the development and functioning of all the beings livings creature (and some viruses). The DNA has as main function the storage of the information necessary to construct proteins and RNAs. Until the beginning of the decade of 70, the DNA was a difficult made up very of being analyzed. For having a great extensive sequncia of nucleotdeos and ' ' repetio' ' chemistry the DNA was generally analyzed for indirect ways. New technologies had been developed throughout the decade of 70, allowing the isolation, the purificao and the study of specific genes in a known process as Clonagem Gnica. Many of the discovered techniques are fruits of the Microbiology, Imunologia, Biochemist and Microbiana Genetics and, the practical discovery and of these techniques had allowed that the DNA analysis had a new approach. technology of the recombinant DNA (currently called also Genetic Engineering), is a set of techniques of ample application, that allows to study, to analyze, to identify, to isolate and to multiply genes of any organisms, being one of the used sets of techniques more in the Biotechnology. Through it we can study mechanisms of response and gnica expression, to develop cultures of procariotos capable to produce substances extremely useful as, for example, the insulina or to determine the sequncia of a gene (and for consequncia the protein that it codifies). The application of these techniques has biotechnological, commercial and medicinal a potential inexhaustible. Currently, we can observe as benefits of the development of this technology (between that they exist): The identification of genetic illnesses, the production of agricultural insumos and the identification of kinship.

New Technologies

June 7, 2012


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Sandra Maria Hisses Oak Graduated Modern Letters, (UNIAP). Postgraduate in Inclusive Education for the UNIVERSE. Attending a course currently Visual arts for the UFG Teacher of Art and Portuguese Language in the State Net of Education. School x new technologies dichotomy or symbiosis? Summary The present work looks for to approach the relations that if they form between pupils, school, professors in face to the development of more advanced and efficient technologies each time in the communication and the social relations and its use as important part for the education process learning. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Education, technology, relationship the technologies evolve in four basic directions: Of the analogical one for the digital one (digitalizao) Of the physicist for the virtual one (virtualizao) Of the fixture for the furniture (mobility) Of the massivo for the individual one (personalization) Carly Fiorina, former-president of the HPackard the education in Brazil developed it the flavor of the interests politicians and economic of each moment of the national scene, to analyze this contemporaneidade without searching a referencial historical that justifies this present time it is to run the risk of a superficial analysis and inefficacious, throughout the times the Brazilian professional corresponded what she desired herself of it following norms and rules according to interests of the moment. When if he arrives at a chaotic moment and of impasse as our last times are these where to the more advanced technologies they are each time and its domain for young a natural situation, it has that to reflect themselves and to rethink the pedagogical practical education and so that the school does not incur into the error to be as institution to the edge of all the social system. 1. Soon historical panorama of the education Brazilian The formal education in Brazil, except for an exception, always was based on the structures and models foreigners since its invasion.


May 25, 2012


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Polyethylene pipes hdpe has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Over time, the properties of polyethylene pipe is only getting better (the smoothness of the inner surface and an inner diameter of the pipe). Low thermal conductivity of polyethylene pipe for reducing heat loss and reduces the formation of condensation on the outer surface of plastic pipes. Reduce the probability of failure during freezing liquid pipeline, as with the tube does not collapse, but increases in diameter, acquiring former size during thawing of the liquid. Polyethylene pipe has a small weight, which facilitates assembly, especially in cramped conditions. Polyethylene pipes are 5-7 times lighter than steel, so that small movements of the installation does not require the lifting mechanisms and one vehicle can carry 5-7 times more than polyethylene tubes than steel.

Significant reduction in risk of water hammer due to the relatively low modulus of elasticity. Reliability of welds in joints throughout the life of pipelines. Ease of welding. Butt welding much cheaper, easier and takes less time. The possibility of multiple rewiring at low cost. Lower labor costs during installation., Polyethylene pipe – is a reliable shield against microorganisms and bacteria, its inner layer does not give any water contaminants. And as one of the most important factors is the low cost

TIPS Question

May 19, 2012


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For although the question seems simple, will be forced to find different answers, of which emerge not only more accurate, but also an excellent idea. Also, when people feel unsuccessful or dissatisfied with themselves for something they did wrong or did not do, or by a problem or situation that is bothering them, they tend to ask questions like, a yPor do everything I touch I ruin? a , a yPor do not I smart? a , a yPor do not like women a , among other examples. If instead of that question to question, a yComo I can do better? a , a yEn what topic I'm smart, or what subject I know well? a , a yQue I can do to be more attractive? a , etc. would find a solution to your problem that could transform their lives. Then you'll spend a TIPS that you can perform in front of a situation or problem that is bothering you or plane do not know what to do: 1. Analizate; take a few minutes, sit back, relax, and let the questions come to mind.

2. If the questions that come to mind do not attract any answer, or just the answers you do not get excited spring, change them until they do. 3. Once you have between 10 and 15 responses of interest you, write them on paper, some are very silly, sometimes unattainable, yet all write them down. 4.

Within the next few days looks at each of them. You can stick them in your refrigerator or somewhere where you will not be forgotten, so that you study for at least the next two days. 5. If indeed you carry out this process, little by little you will see that new thoughts and plans will emerge as even more awkward responses sprout new ideas. a ste advice is very useful for any aspect of your life, because at all times we have a problem. The key is to ask the right question (you can change or create new questions as often as necessary), because it entails a flurry of responses, then we can study and review in order to find a good solution both realistic and original , As new plans and new ideas. —————- Monttor JR.

First Forums

May 12, 2012


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Then you need to create a primary partition. But no more than three or four, because a large number of empty or nearly empty sections usually repels visitors, and it looks stale and sad. And then breathe life into his creation. To this end, each of the partitions, create a couple of those and ask your friends to help you – let them register on the forum and start discussion created by you and each other. Discussions should happen naturally, not like a compilation of previously harvested proposals. It is necessary to make it look as if there being interesting and heated discussions. Reviving the forum a bit, you can start invite him to other people. To do this, leave the link to their site and in the themes of his signature on other forums (if this is not prohibited there the rules), forums to exchange links with similar subjects.

But deceptive delaying the forum and spam can ruin unless the reputation of your site and cause mistrust to you by administrators in other forums, so do it should not. Damage will be much more than good. The most difficult stage – the period of occurrence of the first twenty or thirty of active users. When the forum is already more or less active, it will be available every day updates, but at least fifteen to twenty users become regulars in your area, select the moderators, who will help you keep order in the forum, since you are not alone manage, and prevent rampant flooding, spamming, and conflicts can not be in Absolutely not. When choosing a moderator, be very careful not to bet on those whom you did not believe. But do not appoint people to this office solely for the reason that they are – your friends or acquaintances. Moderator should be only one who can really benefit in this role.


May 3, 2012


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2. The second kind of happiness (a man) – creative happiness – an emotional lift and satisfaction derived from the work, as well as public acceptance of the fruits of creativity. 3. The third kind of happiness – the happiness of love, which is based on instincts, so that it contains elements of child care-free happiness, although its natural sense – procreation. 4. The fourth kind of happiness – the joy of meeting the needs.

Also the natural feeling of happiness that comes from a comfortable existence, and after satisfying hunger or thirst, and adults – and sexual satisfaction. 5. And finally, the fifth type of happiness – the marital happiness. This species can be considered as the most human, as for his sense of need is not only instincts, but also a certain level culture and civilization (equality and mutual respect). All kinds of happiness are more or less clear, although most 'blurred' to understand people, but also the most human kind of happiness (peculiar only to humans, and even then – with relatively high level of culture) is a happy family. Moreover, it does not come by itself, since it is not natural and instinctive, but is achieved by joint efforts beloved couples, allowing instinctive The natural increase of mutual love at the highest level – conjugal love. This goal, although at first glance it seems selfish, satisfies all the basic needs of modern man and brings harmony to his life, not giving the pursuit of happiness 'deadlock'.


April 27, 2012


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They had love, and she taught him with much affection, not only the language but English history and literature. No longer lived at the hostel for a long time. He rented a small room in a boarding house on the outskirts of London. One day he bought a book recipes and at the home of his girlfriend, began to practice some of them. He began to do it regularly. His girlfriend always praised the results.

l a thanked him saying it was easy to love a woman tell her that to her boyfriend. The challenge will be to get others to do it!. She replied that it was imperturbable love that made her praise, but the quality of the dish. Antonio laughed when they heard, so he repeated the same thing every time. He loved to see his girlfriend defending its capacity. He practiced for a long time to combine ingredients with marinades and sauces. Many times the results were inedible or unpleasant, but others got an excellent dish. Then he felt it was time to find a better job.

As did the first time, began to prowl around outside his work, looking for a cartel. But this time no longer sought to ask a kitchen helper, but chef. Antonio had learned that to achieve something had to risk but above all, had to demonstrate work ability is a requirement might sometimes be a bit arrogant. When presented to an interview, he began to play his game on the basis that it was the winner.

Form Shape

April 20, 2012


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In addition, it already weighs a lot less. The world's leading manufacturers forms were able to achieve lightest weight forms of football – 150 grams. The athlete simply does not feel the form for yourself. It is no pressure, no constrains movement, not wet, it does not stick to the body. About it, you can forget for a training session or match. But after – must ensure the proper care of the form: 1.

erase form as early as possible to wash it in lukewarm water, which will significantly increase its lifetime, 2. Before placing the form in the washing machine must be try to clean off the dirt dry, 3. shape better wash separately from other items, 4. always follow the instructions on the label 5. as soon as the wash is finished, should be quicker to pull out the shape of cars to prevent damage to labels, logos, and did not appear to fold, 6.

it is not necessary to iron the form, if it is still necessary, turn it inside out 7. Do not store in the form of a crumpled state. Shoes for soccer cleats are. Boots with studs meant to be played on clay, the soft or hard grass fields, artificial grass, on gravel cover in the snow. Boots without studs are used for indoor soccer and to play futsal. The number and shape of spines depend on where is the game. Cleats for futzalasnabzheny spikes instead of a special relief on the soles, which allows the most confident feel on the hard surface. The best material for the manufacture of boots is skin a kangaroo, but recently manufacturers of football boots have become more frequent use of artificial materials that are superior quality, natural.

Rescue Dogs

April 6, 2012


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b) LEVEL OF MOTIVATION: The dog has to experience a boost motivational about the development of search particularly strong, keeping the full potential of psycho-physical, the necessary levels of intensity, perseverance and concentration, either with respect to one or more possible buried, who must locate and mark of consecutively, chained, without compromising the mentioned parameters and levels. c) CONDUCT OF WORK REQUIRED CONFINED SPACES: As in the search field to consider operating an exemplary Disaster Dog Rescue, must also submit a high level of concentration during search operations in confined spaces associated with sufficient security status, devoid of interfering or inhibiting symptoms of stress (which would seriously affect the necessary level of concentration in the olfactory event, movement or an adequate strategic and functional pattern of signs) although the space to beat minimum dimensions allow for the movement and reduced or even totally zero level visibility. In the specialization courses, Chest method, after selecting the copies, definitely as fit for rescue (insurance, active, sociable …) (an average of three dogs in each event), we proceed to the methodical training under the strict exclusive, and carefully detailed Instructor's address, a process during which all participants together, members of official bodies, note repeatedly, the progressive achievement of the aforementioned behavioral parameters, a requirement to be certified in Level I or II (official accreditation that certifies the condition of guides or operational Rescue Dogs properly after completing what was described as complex, useful and demanding training process). Specifically, among other unique aspects, what characterizes a rescue dog arconiano, officially certified is its strong level of effectiveness in detecting people buried alive, either in open areas or confined spaces (with little or no visibility).

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