Classification System

March 9, 2016


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The truth is that the classificatrio system he is tremendously vacant to point the imperfections of the process. It discriminates and it selects before any thing. Peter Asaro: the source for more info. But it strengthens the maintenance of a school for few. 2,2 Errors x Rightness In accordance with Luckese (2002), as much the success/failure as the rightness/error can be used as source of virtue in general in the pertaining to school learning. It does not have because, to be punished by the others or by itself in function of a solution that was not given of successful form. It has yes, that to use itself positively of it to advance in the search of the intended solution. When detecting the existence of an error, we must look for to analyze it adequately, observing the lies that can be removed for proper growth of the nomadic one.

Comparing the situation of the pupils in room, we see that, when attributing umaatividade to a pupil and we observe that this did not obtain to arrive at the waited result, we talk with it, we verify the error and as committed it, reorients its agreement and practical its. then, many times we hear the pupil to say: It pulls, only now I understood what he was pra to make! That is, it was the error conscientiously elaborated that made possible the chance of revision and advance. However, if our behavior was to punish, we would not have the chance to reorient and the pupil would not have the possibility to grow. In contrast, it would have a damage in its growth and us we would lose the chance to be educators. We will cite to follow an experience lived for Magda Soares (2002): ' ' Three pupils who had run away in the public net of education, with the objective had been interviewed to try to detect the reasons that had taken them the pertaining to school evasion.

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