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February 1, 2019


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We will continue to teach and to learn for the word, the gesture, the emotion, the affectivity, the read texts and writings, for the television, but now also for the computer, the information in real time, the screen in layers, in windows that go if deepening to our sights ' ' With the use of the computer, the educator obtains to identify the potentialities of each child, being able to work individually with its difficulties, has the chance to develop its abilities, to speed up its process of alfabetizao and to make with that if he becomes each more independent time. (FRES, 2004) But, professor to assume it of this technology we must, according to FRES ' ' to mobilize the faculty of the school if to prepare for the use of the Laboratory of Computer science in daily practical its of teach-learning. It is not treated, therefore, to make of the professor a specialist in Computer science, but to inside create conditions so that if it appropriates, of the process of construction of its ability, of the gradual use of the related informatizados resources: one such appropriation of the use of the technology for the educators will only be able to generate new possibilities of its use educacional.' ' If one of the objectives of the use of the computer in education will be of being a transforming agent, the professor must be enabled to assume the role of facilitador of the construction of the knowledge for the pupil and not a mere transmitter of information, that is what it happens in many cases in the public schools; the professor is not worried if the pupil learned or not, it wants is to pass the content to conclude its goal. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. But the professor must constantly be stimulated to modify its pedagogical action. There the figure of the coordinator of Computer science enters, that is constantly suggesting, stimulating and mobilizing the professor. .

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