Computer Science Consultancy

October 13, 2018


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During the stage of planning of the operation of a company, it is very important to realise the suitable selection of the administrative systems of support and management. Viacom pursues this goal as well. The chosen systems will have to adjust to their needs and requirements. Also it is certain that there are many companies whose growth has exceeded the capacities of its systems and applications. There are others have been in technological delay what prevents a migration to new systems and technologies. And therefore its lack of development negatively affects on its yield and results.

A company that offers services of computer consultancy must offer the suitable direction to its contractors and present/display the diverse options to him whereupon it counts the market. Both, consulting and contracting must be contributor of the election of the best options of software, hardware, networks and of communications that allow to the growth of the company and its technological evolution. The needs of the contractor, as well as their budget, and human resources will influence of decisive way the different options of the market. And the capacity and talent of the computer science consultant business intelligent assigned will be conclusive on the decisions that are taken. The computer science consultant also will have to form active part in the installation, tests and beginning of the computer science surroundings of the company. He must serve of engineering of systems, of software, or he has supported and computer science maintenance, with a specialized equipment on the basis of the requirements of the project, offering the best options according to the services that offer and exigencies of the company. In order to determine the best service it will be necessary to take into account at least the following factors: real objective of the project, human resources, availability, budget, term, and necessity. Everything influenced by the technical requirements of: computer science systems and equipment, networks, systems of endorsement, surroundings of security, software and level of knowledge of the users. In general terms we will be able to say that the computer science consultancy more than to be a service that contract for a determined task, she is guide and ally of the company. DAMITEL offers a computer science advisory service to them of quality, specialized and with an expert human equipment to their disposition.

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