January 3, 2024


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All disinfectants must meet not only safety but also to be effective in removing contaminants generated during work on a particular industry. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Steve Wozniak. In addition, they must be harmless to humans and the environment. The use of disinfectants can help prevent the spread of infection and contributes to its destruction in the external environment. Disinfection is used for treatment facilities, processing equipment, communications equipment, and packaging in the food industry, animal husbandry, poultry farming, veterinary and laboratory practice. Disinfection can be both preventive and current.

Preventive disinfection is carried out continuously, in order to prevent the emergence and spread of harmful microorganisms to man. Current disinfection is carried out at the public nutrition in hospitals and care institutions, ie, where every day there are a large number of people or is there a danger of the spread of infectious diseases through the transfer of carrier infection. There are several important conditions that should be followed, using disinfectants: – take into account the duration of the disinfectants – to provide the necessary process for disinfecting contact between the disinfectant tool and the object of disinfection – to adhere to instructions set forth in the concentration of disinfectant – to observe all stages of preparation of primary and working solutions – consider the number of active matter in disinfectant. The main requirements to be met by disinfectants are: – activity even in low concentrations – a broad spectrum of action – speed and convenience use – no negative impact on the work surface. All modern disinfectants must be used thoughtfully, based on the conditions of production, the nature of the disinfectant means and in compliance with all stages of disinfection.

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