November 4, 2021


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If the external stability, it is mobile and does not crack. Also note that selecting a material for walls, should evaluate the functionality of the premises and the presence of domestic animals. Certain types of decorative plasters can be washed. And if your house a pet, be sure that the new walls were not to his teeth. Details can be found by clicking Pete Cashmore or emailing the administrator. In this case, you may, and does fit facade coating that will not necessarily be rough and can not give grace to less "Tsarapoustoychivomu." Merits and what lies behind it.

All manufacturers on the left and the right to shout about the benefits of decorative plasters over other coatings. Yes, in many respects they are right, there are a number of amendments: Does not require careful preparation of the surface – indeed, finish puttying is not required, but large defects it is better to remove that coating formed a uniform layer, without dark spots; Perfect camouflage imperfections – not always true, as for smooth surfaces must be perfectly smooth surface; Apply to virtually any surface – be aware of the effect of swelling of such foundations such as wood, drywall, fiberboard therefore not recommend using them on a water-based coatings; Forming a seamless coverage – is absolutely true, but must be applied professionally (the main focus on the consumption of material specified in the instructions), more subtle and thicker than expected, the same ugly look as a result; Easy to use – yes, if correctly chosen (see above about the facades and interiors), have excellent resistance to any mechanical influences – rightly, since the material is very durable. It is true the word "Any" is still clean – there are also effects ogogo (bomb, for example, nuclear). Oh, and there is bad news. Cover, unfortunately, can not be repaired in fragments – a patch immediately becomes visible; Withstands temperatures from -50 to +75 degrees – believe it, but should be applied at a temperature of -5 to +30; Do not support combustion, explosion and fire – of course, but coatings based on solvent at a temperature of 140 degrees, release toxic substances (well, that such situations do not happen every day); Varied the number of decorative effects and color variations – certainly compared with them can only decorative paints.

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