FINAL Prospects

July 18, 2013


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Would you like to double your income? But how to increase sales? Surely you ever wondered the foregoing and since who not has done it? and more now with the crisis and the problems of an epidemic. We are going to give a tool LASER of prospecting for customers in 3 steps to double or even triple your prospects. Not theory, you are going to give the exercise of 3 steps: do it! 1. In your following 20 sales at the end of request to the client the following: a. 3 prospects b. phone or email of each of the new prospects c. authorization to use your name when you contact the new brochure eye: your just help you improve your appearance (something that needed) should now be willing to help (usually a satisfied client recommends unless you ask him).

We recommend a script like this: seller: Hello Mrs Perez you like the car? CLIENT: Me clear charm seller well, now I need to help me in something you would recommend me with 3 people? CLIENT: Yes, clearly was in fact thinking of Chonita (pointing your phone or email) seller: thank you very much, I can mention that you gave me your name? CLIENT: Clear 2. Get in touch with each new prospects (of preference in person) seller: Hello have no taste, Ms. Perez asked me that you will mark new prospect: Yes, clear what is about? Note: To a new prospectus you give confidence that you recommended someone who knows. Seller: Ms. Perez thought you might be interested in a new prospectus car: Yes, it is truth I\’m looking for… 3.

Already you have a new FINAL result hot prospect a. 20 prospects new b. minimum 6 closures c. A tool LASER that takes you from a sale to another using this laser tool on each sale new prospects list never ends is a mine of gold would make a free TEST? Would you like to have a x-ray yours as a seller? Do know your weaknesses and? strengths?

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