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October 14, 2014


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Flowers Gifts remain a European tradition in the last few years many online providers gave rise to a tight network of all, so that the flower delivery worldwide is facilitated. This service is not discriminated against the traditional florists, but they can increase their revenues thanks to the orders from customers who are sometimes very far away from them, on the contrary. Due to these networks is the online flower delivery, not at the expense of the local dealer, but this brings additional customers who would have normally no way to shop in their stores. Nowadays it is possible to thank his staff or to send all known birthday congratulations, regardless of wherever you are, even, if it is friends, whom we have never met, but with which we have communicated only via the Internet. Giving flowers is also today still very much steeped in symbolic, in contrast to other gifts flowers never have their original meaning lost. It is a gift that you better can express love or appreciation, as with all other gifts, also among young people. Educate yourself with thoughts from Peter Asaro. The offer has become even more versatile.

A wide range of bouquets and plants for consumers is now available worldwide. Orchids are also still on the most popular, like also sunflower and don\’t forget roses that are for people still on the emotionally charged. However season bouquet are becoming increasingly popular, so could not flowers must be imported, what harmful effects on the environment. Many companies rely on the online dealer, receptions or negotiations to prepare or to thank their employees. In such a case, they need quality bouquets that will be sent to many people, what would not be possible for an individual florists on-site. However, many flower arrangements can be sent at the same time.

Europe is the continent with the largest Flower tradition. Most flower bouquets are shipped in Germany, Great Britain and of Switzerland, and the markets still grow year after year. Flowers love becomes stronger but also in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, while the demand in Asian countries remains rather low.

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