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February 8, 2015


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Created in 1998, through a trust between some companies, the Symbian is an operational system mobile created to twirl in smartphones. Being one of the first operational systems mobile of the market, it is constructed on of a simplified graphical environment that can have its interface edited without restrictions. The Symbian has as main advantage its great concern in not wasting battery and memory of the devices, but it seems that this was not the sufficient. In recent years companies as Sony-Ericsson and Motorola had stopped to use the Symbian in its devices. Currently, many marks had changed its preference of it for the operational system of the Google, the Android. When the Symbian still was one of the most popular ones, existed hundreds of site on it, however as only it uses it currently to Nokia, we can observe a fall. Although it is not so common, still they exist blogs that they speak on the Symbian, searching to inform the people in the possible way most sincere.

Who likes one and if adapta it well, costuma to be faithful. We can perceive the allegiance of Leo in its blog, the Symbian Brazil. With more than 3,000 posts on the subject, Lo costuma to publish you notify, videos and tips of purchases for who still are interested for the Symbian. If you are not nor pra you notify and tips there on the market mobile, but she adores ' ' tunnar' ' its Symbian, blog Symbians Maluco is its better option. This blog is full of certeiras tips for who adores joguinhos and others apps divertidinhos.

There you go to find information on downloads and the best form of you to acquire its apps. Perfect other blog for who adores to play of tunnar the cellular one is the World Symbian. With these blogs you will be able to full its device of coisinhas useless, however very amused. Currently the Internet makes possible that any one can create one blog of fast and gratuitous form. If you are expert in a subject or if she interests for some thing, because not to create a space its? Much interested people exist in what you have to say.

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