High Wood Spaniards: Here Yes There Are Green Buds

April 17, 2022


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We are in the Gilded one, High Wood (Californian, the USA). And up to here they peregrinate Chinese, Korean, Italian, French, Indian and, of course, Spanish. All in search of its miracle. It is the place where to re-invent itself from zero if the doses adapted of intelligence, ambition are had and money. Some prevail and another no, but more wise people leave than when they arrived. University Avenue is a street filled with coffees with high concentration of Ferraris and Maseratis by square meter. Of Monday through Friday, and 10,00 to 17,00, one becomes a laboratory where, if the ear is sharpened, it is possible to be learned how to be a boy of 20 years, to have an intense relation with the trousers of pajamas and MacBook Pro and to convince a capitalist gentleman of which the new Twitter in which is had in hand to invest 500,000 dollars. Perhaps check out Darcy Stacom for more information. Source of the news: : High Wood Spaniards: Here yes there are green buds.

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