Inflation System

February 21, 2016


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The system of inflation goals is a relatively new regimen, being adopted for the first time in 1990, for the New Zelndia. Later, some countries, developed and in development, had introduced the system formal, as it was the case of Brazil in 1999. The objective of this work is to analyze the system of inflation goals, being detached its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of this regimen in controlling the inflation taxes. Ademais, also will be evaluated the performance of the goals of inflation in Brazil enters the years of 1999 the 2010, searching to demonstrate where degree the goals had been fulfilled. The changeable credibility will be analyzed, verifying the questioning: The Central banking has credibility before the public? Therefore it is the responsible one for the monetary politics, primordial factor in the search for low levels of inflation. In section 2 of the work, he will be made a conceptual revision and a historical description on the previous period to the system of inflation goals, presenting still the advantages and disadvantages of this system. In section 3 he will be verified implementation of the system in Brazil and analyzed the performance of the country in the current period to the years of 1999 the 2010.

In section 4 it is presented mensurao of the credibility and the reputation of the Central banking, in this exactly system. 2 SYSTEM OF INFLATION GOALS the first section of the present chapter has for objective, to present a conceptual revision of the system of inflation goals being used some of the main authors of this area. The following section will go to analyze the description of the previous period to the adoption of this system. finishes it section will approach the advantages and disadvantages of this regimen. 2,1 CONCEPTUAL REVISION OF the SYSTEM OF INFLATION GOALS the inflation can be appraised as a continuous and generalized increase in the level of prices.

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