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January 8, 2022


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First let’s see what a domain is and how it works online. A domain is a name given to a website which will be exclusive and not transferable. “www” are the abbreviation for World Wide Web. The World Wide Web covers a myriad of possibilities that allow you to transfer data, text, images, sounds, videos and accommodation servers among many other uses. “.com” is the feature that differentiates each type of domain and identifies what activity it develops. have come to the same conclusion.

The ICANN (The for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the one who governs and manages Internet domain names, being a corporation that receives no fees for this service. Having your own domain means having a web presence. Simply if your business is hosted on a free server, every time someone searches your site, will be opening up and promoting your provider before you, and will be something like what it will not be advisable for the proper functioning and development of your business.

An autoresponder is the best tool that you can have when making contact with customers and subscribers in an efficient and professional way. An autoresponder smartphone is designed to make the necessary follow-ups to people who subscribe to a newsletter sequentially ordered and fully automatic. Send different messages to those people with the required information and different time intervals (days, weeks or months), as scheduled. For even more details, read what Ali Partovi says on the issue. Each shipment can be designed with the necessary information for the occasion, and is ideal for teaching in several installments by e-mail.

Consider what happens when a visitor (in this case “Joe”) makes an inquiry by e-mail or subscribe by Form: Upon receipt of the query ‘Joe’, he will receive in your mailbox the first post scheduled for this purpose that it might be welcome. The next day, Joe will automatically receive a second message with different information in the message the day before the third day the next and so appropriate to end the sequence of items.

Hosting: There are many companies involved in this and prices vary widely, as very different are the services and security they offer. With hundreds or thousands of companies offering these services, you’re wondering how to choose the most appropriate or services must give you.

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